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The shame of losing

At my birthday party I had a few people asking me what the deal was with this mixed martial arts stuff I was writing about. I tried to explain to them in general broad strokes about how the sport had changed and how it wasn’t a spectacle any more and that there were rules and weight classes and safety standards in place now. “Well, at least in North America.” I added. “Japan is still a little bit crazy since MMA grew out of pro wrestling.”

With that in mind, check out this picture above of Shinya Aoki shaving DEEP president / DREAM adviser / PRIDE Bushido creator / PRIDE matchmaker Shigeru Saeki’s head. The whole thing stems from a bet or dishonor or something over Japan losing at M-1’s latest Challenge event at the end of August in Korea. You’d never see that kinda shit going down in the US. Then again, I’m having a hard time thinking up any American promoters who’s head isn’t already shaved, buffed, and shined to glare-inducing levels.