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The Scramble Stuff Uggo Shirt Contest

Fightlinker contributor and Martial Farts owner Matt’s store Scramble Stuff recently went up and to celebrate it we’ve decided to do a contest where you can win … you guessed it! Scramble Stuff!

Here’s how it works: those with Photoshop or even just MS Paint skillz create the ugliest MMA shirt possible. You know the standard terrible conventions: skulls, eagles, bullets, eagle skulls that shoot bullets, wings, top hats, boobs, babes, blood and boners. That kind of thing.

Here’s an example:

ARE YOU REDDY FOR KRUNCH? No way you aren’t! This shit is in your motherfuckin’ FACE with pictures of skulls and a crossed sword/cock! Do you want fucking top hats and wings and American flags and FUCK on your shirts? FUCK YOU YOU DO! GET KRUNCH – WARRIOR WEAR FOR WARRIORS and DEATHPAIN.

The winner, chosen by the Fightlinker Team on sheer awfulness, will win a Scramble Stuff mega pack:

  • Art Junkie t-shirt
  • A special Art Junkie poster
  • Scramble t-shirt
  • BJJ Spirits Vol. 6

What is Art Junkie you may say? It’s a Japanese pop-art design and clothing company with an unhealthy obsession with MMA and pro-wrestling! And BJJ Spirits is part of a series of amazing “bookazines” with DVDs featuring the world’s best grapplers doing their thangs. Read all about them at the store.

The runner up will receive a Scramble t-shirt.

To enter, send an email to [email protected] with the heading “Scramble Stuff Fightlinker Comp” and your entry attached. Make sure it is as awful as possible. We’ll put the best designs up over the next few days and then announce a winner on Tuesday December 15th

Now, if your computinator skills are truly diabolical, do not fear. You can still enter simply by sending a link to a godawful MMA t-shirt that you’ve found online. If you think the latest Tapout shirt looks like a zombie horse took an aids-dump in a coffin, let us know. If you think One More Round’s newest offering looks like it was drawn by someone special on ketamine, let us know by entering in the same way.

But wait! There’s more! For 20% off at the Scramble store, just spread the word about this competition with a tweet, a bit of facebook action, a blog post, a forum mention, anything, then send the link to let us know. We’ll send you a code for 20% off your Christmas shopping at Scramble Stuff.

Go! Begin creating!