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The score on Cerrone – Henderson

Here’s a small comparison between the official judging done at WEC 43 last Saturday and the play by play judging done on some of the MMA websites around the net:

Official Scores: Townsend – 48-47 for Henderson, Carrion – 48-47 for Henderson, Crocker – 48-47 for Henderson
Bloody Elbow: 48-47 Henderson
MMA Mania: 48-47 Henderson
Sherdog: 48-46 Cerrone
Fightmetric: 48-48 Draw

I’ve tried to give a shit about the situation but have had a hard time. First off, I’m still glowing over how great of a fight Cerrone / Henderson was – sure, we all got a load of cum in the eye at the end but overall the whole thing was still pretty awesome. Secondly, I’m in a strange hippy zen phase and finding it hard to get too wound up about much right now. You might as well scream at a rock for being a rock, that’s how useful it is getting upset about commissions fucking things up.

Second, I just don’t care that much who wins fights. I have my favorites and my picks but overall a great fight is a great fight and to a degree I’ve stopped giving a shit what government appointed idiots decide afterward. Yeah, the whole “this is affecting lives / careers” thing is true. But that’s an industry issue. So get it together and do something substantial about it, MMA industry. The interwebs can only clamor so much for change.

Lastly, it’s hard to be too hard on anyone’s judging when a huge chunk of the internet had Benson Henderson winning as well. Once you remember the several airtight submissions Cerrone locked in across the fight, you might revisit your scorecard. But there’s no mulligans in judging and yes logic dictates that of course idiot boxing judges have no idea how to score submissions. Apparently a lot of us don’t either.

Still, this is the part that does bug me – submissions have always been worth less than striking … that’s just the world we live in. But now it’s not just actual striking and damage that trump near death subs, it’s position as well.