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The Romanticising of PRIDE

Hardcore fans often look at PRIDE with rose tinted glasses. Because of the cultural divide and lack of insider news, people got a much ‘purer’ experience with the promotion. You watched the show. You enjoyed the show. The end. None of the politics and scandals and other distractions which plagued the company for it’s final two years. However, people tend to think that because they didn’t hear about this stuff, nothing was actually happening.

Well, that’s definately not true. In what I feel should be a HUGE FUCKING BLOW to the credibility to PRIDE, Quinton Jackson has come out and said he was offered a bonus to lose to Sakuraba. Jesus fucking Christ. This is beyond putting a 500 pound man in the ring with Fedor. This is past putting a guy wearing a wrestling mask against CroCop. This is straight out fight fixing. All I can say is WTF?

  • I don’t think there’s ever been a question of whether or not PRIDE may have fixed and/or attempted to fix some fights. I mean, it’s Japan, where there’s a very fine line between pro wrestling and MMA. And they only offered him a $2000 bonus to lose. Beating Sakuraba would have been worth a lot more than $2000. I’m not excusing the behavior, I’m just saying things are a bit different over in Japan.

  • Drew Cartee says:

    It’s sad that this story is being largely ignored, at least so far. I agree it /should/ be a huge blow to Pride’s credibility. At least, Pride under DSE.

    People either don’t know, don’t care, or call Quinton a liar because they loved DSE-Pride so much. It’s disturbing.

  • Jonathan says:

    I knew about stuff like this and I still loved (and love) Pride. To me, it is not what made me like or dislike Pride. Simply put, I liked everything that they did better. Now I watch K-1 Heros, Shooto, and DEEP and I get the same enjoyment, though, as the author stated, not as pure.

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    I think this is a bit of differences in culture. Mauro Ranallo and Sam Caplan had a good take on it on Fight Network Radio. Beating Sak in his first fight in Pride was worth more than $2k. But the shenanigans of signing a contract at 205, then telling Page the day before the fight that it was gonna be at 190 instead, and if he didnt fight, no hotel, no airfare back to the states for the three ppl with him, and no more contracts for KOTC fighters is much more scandalous to me. The had to carry QRJ to the weighins and then carry him back out. He did damn well for a guy who cut 35 lbs in five days.