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The reviews are in!

I don’t really understand the what or why behind it, but it seems like the UFC is trying to spin people into thinking that Mark Coleman vs Mauricio Rua was a great fight, worthy of 40k bonuses being handed out to both fighters. I don’t mind them throwing around some extra money, but let’s be honest and admit that this fight was a total turd. If you missed the show and are wondering just how bad the UFC’s choice for co-Fight of the Night at UFC 93 was … well, don’t just ask me, look at what everyone else is saying:

“like watching an old man and a sickly child roll around on the front lawn” – Sports Illustrated

“like watching two dying seals fight over the last salmon. Neither is really in any condition to be fighting, but they both want that damn fish.” – MMA Frenzy

“outright laughable” – Total MMA

“It resembled more of a fight you’d see in prison than one between a Hall of Famer and a man who was once considered the best fighter in perhaps the deepest division in the sport.” – MMA Mania

“Seeing an aging Coleman absorb strike after strike because he was too tired to keep his hands up began to feel unseemly.” – Five Ounces

“Towards the end of round 3 Rua landed some good shots that dropped Coleman and the referee decided to spare everyone from watching anymore of this debacle and called the fight.” – Brawl Sports

“This time, Rua got a measure of revenge, but he didn’t look particularly impressive in the process. He dominated the fight, but it looked more like Coleman was old and slow than like Rua was whipping a good opponent.” – Midsy

“But it seemed like someone’s idea of a bad joke when White announced he was also giving $40,000 bonuses for co-Fight of the Night to Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Mark Coleman. If Rua were an honest man, he’d have declined the check from White because he neither deserved nor earned it.” – Kevin Iole, Yahoo

“It seems odd to bonus two guys who gassed minutes into the fight and put on a lackluster show until the final minute when Rua finally scored the TKO win. I suppose we can cut the 44-year old Coleman a break but what was Rua’s excuse for winding so early?” – Steve Cofield, Yahoo

“a dreadful performance made it nearly impossible for any fan in attendance to believe this was at one time a consensus top 5 light heavyweight and winner of the 2005 Pride FC Grand Prix Champion” – Jesse Holland, MMA Mania

“Honestly, of all the events in recent memory that could have ended up with two Fight of the Night bonuses being handed out, UFC 93 is among the least deserving.” – Cage Potato