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The return of Dana White’s vlog

Another UFC, another Dana White vlog. I keep waiting for these things to get repetitive (“Here I am on the plane, here I am at pressers”) but thus far it’s still being pretty varied. The vid starts off at some Tony Hawk skateboard charity event. If you thought the announcers for MMA could be annoying, you’ve never seen skateboard announcers. They’re specifically paid to scream “OOOOOOOOOH! WAAAAAAAAH! WOOOOOOOOH!” nonstop.

And I know it’s obvious to everyone, but it’s still nice to hear someone outside of the hardcore MMA scene bring up how much Brock’s tattoo looks like a giant cock. Seeing Dana White’s kids halfway through the video was surprising. The fact that he nicknamed them ‘Frick’ and ‘Frack’ not so much. THe video ends with Dana meeting 50 Cent to talk about promoting his music at the UFC or some shit … I’m not 100% for sure because 50 Cent annoys me so much I decided to stop the video and get on with my life.