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The Reem, S2E04: Counting Down

Alas, if only the fight itself had been as cool and entertaining as the latest installment of “The Reem”, documenting the last few days of preparation and promotion for Alistair’s rematch with Fabricio Werdum last Saturday night.

In this episode, we see his brother Valentijn “Oldereem”, his hottie girlfriend, old-skool UFC guy Tra “Crater-Chest” Telligman, Werdum, Scott Coker, Ariel Helwani, and newly-skinhead Mauro Ranallo, plus brief glimpses of almost everyone else on the main card.  Coker, Helwani, and Ranallo all get an interview… Scott discusses how this tourney is better than the old Pride ones because there’s no “WTF is he doing in there?” dudes (yeah, almost none), and his new Zuffa overlords… Ariel breaks down the fight and the tourney in general… and Mauro can’t quite turn off the bombast even for an interview.  Then it’s on to the weigh-ins, where the Rockstar girls show us that Coker apparently loves him some hot-yet-generic blondes almost as much as Hugh Hefner.

And if you’re wondering what Alistair had to say for himself after the fight, of course ” target=”_blank”>Helwani’s got your back.