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The real skinny on UFC 2009

We’ve all seen the endless videos of people fucking around with UFC 2009, but I’m not convinced yet. Sorry, but Dana White saying “It’s fucking awesome” doesn’t work after he’s talked up the last three seasons of TUF. But now we have Todd Martin from CBS Sports who breaks down the game from top to bottom, essentially reviewing it in a non chode-licking unit-moving fashion (which is how most video game sites do it). Tons of interesting stuff in there.

Each fighter in the game has one striking discipline and one grappling discipline. The fighters function differently depending on their skill set. Karo Parisyan has his judo throws and Chuck Liddell has his loopy punches. The fighters are not all evenly matched. The better fighters have better stats, and like in real life the key is often to exploit the weaknesses of your opponent.

Given that the designers have the last word on the stats in the game, this led to some pressure from some burly video game fanatics. Lead developer Neven Dravinski laughs about late-night phone calls he has received from certain unnamed fighters lobbying for better stats for their virtual selves. If Houston Alexander in the final version of the game ends up with a 95 rating for his jiu jitsu, you’ll know what happened.

There’s also a whole career mode which involves building skillsets, training at different training camps, and getting matches offered by Joe Silva. No word yet on if they pay you the same shit money which makes it impossible to afford good training at first. Ya know, like in real life. Perhaps you should be able to play some part time job minigames like “Club Bouncer”, “Beer Tapper”, or “Construction Worker” in order to raise the funds to afford fighting in the UFC? I think that attention to realism would be keen.