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The Punch Kirill Sidelnikov in the Face show

Kirill Sidelnikov has been getting pimped by the Red Devil Fight Club as Fedor’s eventual successor, but thus far he hasn’t lived up to the hype. Tonight he was being put up against a top tier heavyweight in Paul Buentello, a real challenge after Kirill took out some euro-heavies in 2008.

Unfortunately for Kirill, he got picked apart on the feet by Buentello, who figured out his distance in the first and spent the next two rounds pounding Sidelnikov’s face to hamburger until the doctors stopped the fight in the dying seconds of the third. Paul basically stayed outside of Kirill’s range and jabbed the shit out of him, making him pay every time he threw an exchange.

While Kirill did okay during the first round in the clinch, it was pretty clear that Buentello was connecting more and harder overall. By the end of the first, Kirill was tired and Paul had him figured out. The rest of the fight was Paul punishing him with strike after strike – a brutal beatdown on the feet. Damn entertaining fight right there.