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The “powerful, memorable conversation” Rampage forgot

Not many people know where Juanito Ibarra came from (more on that here), and you can include Rampage to that list: he doesn’t remember their first encounter at all.

Ibarra said the men had known each other for years from connections in the fight game and that they had gotten together after Ibarra telephoned Jackson and the two talked, mostly about their religious faith, for two-and-a-half hours.

“It was a very powerful, memorable conversation,” said Ibarra, who is convinced Jackson will be at his career peak on Saturday when he defends his title at UFC 86 at Mandalay Bay against Forrest Griffin. “I get (goose) bumps thinking about it.”

The irreverent Jackson, who is equally confident in his chances of victory, doesn’t recall things exactly the same way.

That telephone call Ibarra made? Jackson has no recollection of it.

“Why would I remember talking to some dude for two hours on the phone?” Jackson said.

Oh, and the above photo? By the very lovely and talented Tracy Lee, who spent three days documenting Rampage’s training camp. Go check that out here, here, and here.