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The power of the spoken word

Upon learning that the UFC was canceling Chael Sonnen’s upcoming fight against Forrest Griffin to cast him as a coach opposite Jon Jones on the next season of the Ultimate Fighter my first thought was, “WTF, this some WWE shit right here.”

My second thought was, “Man, that Chael Sonnen knows how to get it done.”

Sonnen uses words as weapons better than anyone in the game. Some try, most fail, but no one does it quite like him. Think about it. Before damn near dethroning Anderson Silva back at UFC 117, Sonnen was just another wrestle-fuck machine who could defeat most opponents based on that one skill alone. He wasn’t a fighter of interest. He was just really good at what he did. But since, man this mother fucker has transformed himself into the Dos Equis guy.

As soon as he announced his intentions of moving up to 205 he started in on Jon Jones, knowing full well that sooner or later an opportunity would present itself for him to weasel into a title shot. It was obvious, but like the Jedi that he is, he pulled a “These are not the droids you’re looking for” mind-fuck on everyone. Chael knows that ratings rule the day, and he brilliantly positions himself to be the best fill-in candidate when shit goes bad. First it as Dan Henderson getting injured. Now it’s the piss poor TUF ratings.

If you’re a political junkie as I am, last night you had to force your Hamburger Helper and Budweiser to stay down while you watched the nauseating spectacle that is the presidential debates. We saw two absolute hacks use words in a way that will make many people forget that a few petty differences aside, they’re really the same guy, in the same suit, beholden to the same master. But fuck if those words weren’t powerful enough to achieve their desired outcome, at least long enough to get past the election. It’s the power to cast doubt into what we know deep down to be absurd, and it’s substantial. Chael Sonnen has that power.

Chael’s original opponent, Forrest Griffin, is also no slouch when it comes to using words. He said it best when he spoke to UFC Tonight about the situation, “Why fight your way to the top when you can talk your way to the top?” Why indeed.

Calling bullshit here is beyond obvious. But I just cannot help but marvel at Chael’s ability to open doors with his humungous, ridiculous mouth.