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The power of Ishii

Some news from the land of rice and giant mecha robots: Sengoku might be on the edge of poaching DREAM’s TV deal. Such is the power of completely untested and unreliable judo gold medalists!

SENGOKU has 30 minutes regulaer program “SENGOKU Gold” in TV tokyo.but this program is end in means SENGOKU is freehand from Autumn.(TV TOKYO is not big station)

TBS is now on air DREAM .but this rating is about 10%,TBS executive are not satisfied with this result,So theyare interested in SENGOKu(TBS men do not know deference between DREAM and SENGOKU!)ISHII SATOSHI ,judo goldmedalist is superstar,so they hope big rating by ISHII

The word is DREAM has tried the old “Hey old buddy, how about we work together” thing now but Sengoku rebuffed them basically because of the freakshow direction DREAM just took. It should be an interesting 6 months in Japan as power shifts continue and executives get more desperate.

The beautiful thing is that us fans will be the ones that win. Both companies are likely to take their bookings up a notch, meaning more good fights for us. And who knows … is Satoshi Ishii manages to live up to even a shadow of his hype then who knows how far he can drag MMA back into the mainstream eye?

(PS: am I the only one who sees the penis in Gryphon’s new header graphic?)