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The potential ramifications of Anderson Silva dropping his title

There’s been a pretty significant rumor floating around the interwebs over the weekend. Supposedly Ed Soares and Anderson Silva said something to Dana White suggesting a permanent move to 205 and the UFC President replied affirmatively. This would be HUGE and would no doubt have a pretty significant impact on the title scene in the light heavyweight division as well as the middleweight division. I am exploding in my pants thinking about the potential match-ups Silva could potentially be involved in were he to move up (the fact that your mother keeps sending me some nudie pics isn’t helping the situation either). Let’s take a look at the ramifications of Silva’s potential permanent move up north.

(1) Dan Henderson would fight the winner of the upcoming Marquardt vs. Maia bout for the vacant Middleweight Championship of the World. Hendo all but locked up his crack at the crown with his epic assault on Michael Bisping last month. Marquardt and Maia are the other two top contenders to the title so this fight would be a no-brainer. Considering Silva handily defeated both Hendo and Marquardt in past title defenses, the majority of the fanbase would likely rather see Silva fight the top 205 pounders anyway.

The two most deserving fighters in the middleweight division get their shot at gold, Silva receives the new challenge he’s looking for, the fans get a plateful of awesomeness, and the UFC gets to book arguably the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world against some of the most high profile fighters in the world. Everybody’s happy.

(2) Rich Franklin’s big career move gets completely shit on. It’s no secret that Franklin moved back to light heavy because he couldn’t topple The Spider. A possibly victory over Vitor Belfort would likely put him one big win away from a title shot, but all that will change if Silva decides to make 205 his permanent home. Franklin would probably be better off heading back to his old stomping grounds with his tail tucked firmly between his legs.

(3) The winner of the Rampage vs. Rashad fight would likely get bumped from a title shot. Rampage was all set to fight Lyoto Machida for the strap but opted instead to go after Rashad Evans due to the personal animosity between the two and the exposure he’ll be receiving on the reality show. If Rampage is able to get past Evans, there is absolutely no doubt that he is the top contender to the championship. Evans would also be in a position to challenge for the belt again if he were to win, even taking into account the loss he suffered in his most recent bout.

Despite all that, the  buzz surrounding a Machida vs. Silva title fight would simply be too huge too pass up, should Lyoto get past Shogun. Hell, the desire to see a Shogun vs. Silva match-up would be pretty fucking massive as well if Lyoto were to drop the belt. That means the Rampage-Rashad winner could either sit out for a while or take a fight against one of the other top 205 pounders– the Jardine vs. Silva survivor, Jon Jones, Franklin, or even Tito Ortiz.