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The poster that started it all

The tale of how Dominick Cruz put his signature over Urijah Faber’s face on a bunch of posters has been told by Faber several dozen times and was the kickoff point for their current mini-feud. Now that the fight is finally happening in July (no TUF coaching after all, the UFC must have something interesting lined up), Dominick Cruz is bringing the story back up but adding a somewhat salient detail:

“In the beginning it had nothing to do with him at all,” said Cruz, who went 7-1 in the WEC. “In the very beginning, it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t even on the event poster and I was fighting him for a world title. That really got under my skin.

“So, my way of getting on the poster was to sign where I signed (over Faber’s picture), and it ended up pissing him off. Since then, he’s been the one calling me out. He’s done a million YouTube videos, went on like a media frenzy, and just done a bunch of YouTube videos running his mouth. After that, that’s when everything started up. That’s when I started talking because I’m not just going to let him keep running his mouth about me for no reason.

“Originally, it had nothing to do him, I felt like I deserved to be on that poster.”

It does seem less dickish once you look at the poster and see there’s not too many places for Cruz’s John Handcock to go. Factoring in Urijah’s golden boy status in the WEC, it almost makes him sound petty. Whatever the case, this is still just some stupid crap over some ink on a poster. In a few months we’ll get to see if Cruz’s dance steps are enough to keep his belt, and then Faber will have a real reason not to like the guy.

  • agentsmith says:

    Presuming it was a black marker, he didn’t have much choice where to put his signature… it’s either going on the WEC logo or someone’s face.  And since his name is right there beside Faber’s sack-chin, it makes sense to put it there.  He probably enjoyed signing Faber’s face too, but there’s a legit practical reason.

    Seems pretty petty now that we see the poster.  If that’s enough to make Faber all butt-hurt, I’m curious how he feels about being called a Ballchinian.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    faber is a douche

  • CAP says:

    Pretty stupid if this is how the whole “fued” started. Cruz has been impressing me lately. His last fight out it looked like he was packing more power in his punches and just looked stronger than in the past with better combos. If he can get some good power going his style is going to be very hard to beat. I’m looking forward to this one.

    Faber seems likable but he gets too cocky for me sometimes. I loved it when Brown floored him after that spinning elbow. I will always like MTB for bringing him back down to earth.

  • iamphoenix says:

    this is the fist time i’m hearing about any of this feud talk, poster signage and all. FUCK THIS.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    probably the gayest feud ever, besides frick and his former lover

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    fucking butt chin. this is what got him butt hurt? i’ll be rooting for the dancing monkey.

  • Komodo says:

    This is like some low end gang turf you-spray-painted-over-my-spray-paint-and-must-therefore-die bullshit.

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^nah. more like jamie kennedy’s Malibu gangster character.

  • frickshun says:

    Clint–>talking about yourself in the 3rd person is weak.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    im still hurting inside

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^does anal cream cost a lot where you live?

  • frickshun says:

    We use spit.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    bisping helped out