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The porch fire fight

There’s a peculiar little backstory to Brett Rogers’ first fight in Bellator this weekend against Kevin Asplund. They used to be friends until…

Rogers believes Asplund’s wife, a friend of his own wife, may have been responsible for a fire at his house. And after a series of events and questions and blame-searching, Rogers said that essentially was the end of his friendship with Asplund. And that caused a little ruckus in the pair’s inner circle of friends, as well.

“Our circle is divided,” Rogers said after telling the story of the house fire and his one-time friendship with his opponent. “But in the end, everyone understood why I chose to sign for this bout.”

MMA Mania transcribes the details from Brett’s appearance on the MMA Hour:

“Me and Kevin have no problems, the problem is his wife. We are all friends, and through the midst of my problems they took me in. So I stayed with them for a good month, his family is great. So, the ladies were having a get together, and she is a smoker. They were on my back porch, and she and her friend were smoking. This was the fall so it’s kind of dry here. Her and her friend were smoking. So her friend gave us a sincere apology (for smoking). So when it came down to Jodie, it was like ‘whatever.’ She was like, ‘It wasn’t me.’ So her and my wife were going back and forth on the phone, so I bumped into them a month ago at the Target Center and he approached me and like ‘Why are you so pissed off?’ He knew why i was so pissed off, but he was trying to keep his cool just in case anyone else was around listening, but he understood that I was pissed off that Jodie (his wife) had torched our porch and they couldn’t give me a phone call or come over and knock on the door and be like, ‘Hey man, what happened, I’m am so sorry is there anything I could do.’ I aint trying to be all ultra sensitive, but at least let me know there was some concern. This is my family’s house, there are kids in here.”

Now if only there was a UFC Primetime style show about this fight. Recreations, wife interviews, the whole nine yards. I can hear the grizzly voice over now: “Smoking not only started a porch fire, it ignited a heated rivalry that will burn through Bellator on Friday, June 22nd!” *cue dramatic guitar wailing*