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The perils and perks of pre-event UFC life

Underground forum regular and UFC fighter Sean McCorkle was back on the nets following his punking of Mark Hunt to share all the nifty small things he went through between arriving in Indiana and hitting the cage:

The UFC has a new policy where they are not tolerating anyone not making weight anymore. They’re not giving you more time to make the weight, and might not let you fight at all if you don’t make it the first time.

The UFC gives every fighter a per diem that is way more than you would spend on food even if you’re paying for all your cornermen as well.

They also give you a gym bag full of free UFC stuff the contents of which has to be worth more than $1,000 retail.

I signed almost 200 UFC 119 posters when I first got there as did every other fighter, and they are given to sponsors as well as every fighter receiving one. I gave mine to one of my friends and now I regret it because that’s pretty badass.

The photo shoot and video shoot is done at the hotel, and some really cool makeup artist with huge boobs puts glitter and oil on you.

The new ring girl is even hotter in person, and she has zero interest in me.

Sounds like between Thiago Alves and Efrain Escudero, the UFC is sick of these motherfucking missed weights at the motherfucking weigh-ins. But if you make it through that step, you can totally take your entire corner to Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp, even if it ISN’T Endless Shrimp night. Now that’s ballin’.