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The Pee Pee Tee Contest

Our pal Ariel Helwani from MMA Rated is a pretty mild mannered dude … he doesn’t look like he fell out of a Mountain Dew commercial and into an Affliction shirt, which is why we get along so well. On the other hand, I think he gets a lot of shit on account of not playing towards that demographic, which is lame. Ariel consistantly asks the uncomfortable questions no one else does and often pushes the issue when those questions are ducked. So I’m glad to see he’s getting a good amount of recognition for that whole Andrei Arlovski ‘pee-pee’ thing.

I suppose it’s not the kind of thing everyone would want to be known for, but we here at Fightlinker fucking LOVE it, and want to keep that shit alive until it becomes the next Just Bleed. So we fully support MMARated’s Pee Pee Tee Shirt Contest:

The reason I didn’t believe the infamous video would be featured on his site is because right after the camera stopped rolling, Arlovski’s manager (I think it was his manager) gave me what felt like a 15-minute tongue-lashing about how unprofessional I was. The nerve, eh? He even tried to get me kicked out of the press conference! I kid you not.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the infamous interview on his site the next day. Now, do I think Arlovski or his manager posted it? Hell no. However, I totally expected it to get taken down the moment one of them saw it. Two weeks later, it’s still on the site. Go figure.

Anyways, as you have probably heard, the “peepee” phenomenon has grown into something much bigger than you or I. There’s still some uncertainty as to whether he said “big pee pee” or “pee pee pee.” (For the record, I think he said the latter.) We also even received a couple tremendous T-Shirt designs in honor of it. This first comes courtesy of Beef Merciful:

Which brings me back to that e-mail about Arlovski’s t-shirt contest. While it appears we may have missed the boat on the official Arlovski shirt contest, we wanted to start our own little one. Therefore, if anyone out there is interested in sharing a “peepee” design e-mail us and the winner will receive an oh-so-special Arlovski prize. Or don’t and we’ll just run with one of these. Up to you.