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The Pav on Phil Baroni’s case

Here’s what Phil Baroni’s agent Ken Pavia had to say about Phil’s case:

Phil took 67 supplements and I MADE him take a pre fight test to make sure he didn’t have a false positive. He passed for everything.

Phil took a post fight test after his CSAC positive. He passed for everything.

Phil took another post fight test in front of Sherdog editor and cameras at a doctors office. He passed for everything.

We had the CSAC samples RETESTED at a third party accredited lab. These were the same samples that came back positive. THEY CAME BACK NEGATIVE FOR EVERYTHING.

The CSAC expert said there is no such thing as a false positive, but the CSAC web site sites an Olympic committee study that says 15% of all over the counters cause false positives. His credibility should have been shot.

Two of the six Commissioners voted to throw it out completely with one abstaining.

Every objection that was made the entire time was ruled in favor of the Commission including one where by the Commission attorney was allowed to ask about aspects of our case on cross examination that we hadn’t even introduced. She got the info out of our exhibit packet and basically introduce all of our evidence before for us.

The Commission was forced to listen to over 2 hours of steroid propaganda prior to the hearing that just by coincidence was scheduled for the same day. They actually brought in a chiropractor from New Jersey who took 45 minutes saying… steroids are bad for kids… steroids are for cheaters.

They had one test that said he did steroids. We had four tests including their test that said he didn’t do steroids.

Phil was innocent.

After having to endure 2 hours of a steroid seminar where because it was not testimony there was no cross examination, we began the proceeding. The AG tried to introduce a packet of info. I objected as I had requested copies in writing over a month before of all materials. I requested a recess to review the packet and my request was denied by the presiding chair. I objected again and was denied. It was only after they started presenting that one of the Commissioners spoke up and said, why cant he see it, a mans career is at stake.

When I objected to the failure of the chair to follow any sort of procedural guidelines or have an consistency in rulings I believe his words were he said that the did not have to follow civil or criminal procedure OR ADMINISTRATIVE procedure. He did say that the rulings were what he said they were.

In my opening I tried to challenge the standard the chair had stated as the burden of proof. He had at the previous meeting said it was by PERPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE. That mean 51%. I asked for authority and was told it was precedent. It was not in the code or regs or minutes from previous hearings. When I got the info packet I found that they were relying on a 1999 hearing where someone applied for a auto salespersons licence from the DMV. That was their authority and the standard they were apply as gospel. Not an Athletic Commission ruling. Not the BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT standard that our criminal courts apply when someone stands accused. This case was not about a kid trying to get a licence to sell Malibus at a sled lot. It was about a man that worked his entire career and whose next contracted payday was more then ALL 8 OF HIS UFC FIGHTS COMBINED, of ALL 6 OF HIS PRIDE FIGHTS COMBINED.

I began to state an objection to this standard, mind you after 2 hours of a steroid seminar that had nothing to with the facts of the case and whose prejudicial value far outweighed the probative value. I was cut off immediately by the chair and was told to bring it up in my close. I objected as I wanted to address it now so the Commission could consider it. I was cut off again and told I could not. This was the general pattern of how things went.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Fuck the CSAC.

  • I gotta say, the more I know the dumber i think they are.

  • ajadoniz says:

    whoa whoa, calm down, Micahelthebox. Who are you, mmaNWA?

  • stellar53 says:

    Fuck the CSAC

  • ajadoniz says:

    I got asthma from reading that. That would cause me to throw chairs and shit at the fucking douche bag with the fanciest title. there’s gotta be a better way to monitor sports.

  • dignan says:

    I actually love chiropractors, and think they are amazing…but why on earth would one be commenting on steroids or any pharmaceuticals? I am sure they have an education regarding the many different aspects, but why would a doctor who cannot prescribe any medication be considered an expert?

  • dignan says:

    on drugs that is.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    67 supplements?!? dam

    are you guys defending Phil Baroni? Phil Baroni! hes a juicer, get over it.

  • RT says:

    This is an absolute farce they should sue them for defamation of character, by lableing him a steroid user and a cheat when all the evidence points to the opposite is FUCKED they are seriously killing his career and earning potential. This shit would never stand up in any legit court.

    By the way why is this not on the front page of every fucking MMA sight?

  • I know, it’s pretty stupid. I guess no one cares to say what’s up past “Phil Baroni is guilty. Big surprise”. I’ll admit i thought he was guilty as sin until today. Now I’m not so sure, hence why I am more than happy to share the other side of the story.

  • If thats how the CSAC holds a meeting and there are that many questions about how they handle themselves i think any promoted should truly excercise all options before putting an event on in Cali. I agree with #1 and #4, fuck the CSAC

  • With all the news coming out of yesterday’s hearing pointing towards the CSAC being incorrect or unjust about every matter that lawsuit New Era filed against them may have some basis. I had never heard very positive things about them before but some of the stuff from yesterdays hearing is downright shady and bordering on illegal (based on reports). If that is how the commission is going to continue to be run I would seriously hold out on hosting an event there if I was a promoted until things changed.

  • RT says:

    Like you said with Phil looking the way he looks and the Hammer House connection it was kind of a “Where theres smoke theres fire” situation. But now with the evidence thats out there its pretty clear hes getting fucked over. What really sucks is that Phil had just shown the most hart Id seen in a while and then this happens. ITS FUCKED.

  • RoB says:

    did sherdog write anything about the test they watched baroni take? anyone?

  • kermit.01 says:

    Some chiropractors can prescribe medication however most choose not to obtain the licensing because it is often counter productive to their business. Why would someone come back to them for a $40.00 office visit and a ton of extras tacked on they can charge for when a $7 prescription for soma does the same thing.

    In some more progressive areas chiropractors are even granted rights at hospitals.

    If what his agent says is true then Phil has a good case.

  • The Grass Hoppa says:

    Wow sux to be baroni right now….. i always thought he was guilty as sin too….. not so much now… i agree 100% with comment 5, if i were baroni i would be tearing that chairman a new asshole just out of pure frustration. i mean you do all you can to prove your innocent and that don’t even give you the info you requested?? bullshit plain and simple. If he had murdered someone he would have gone free…………

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    “the lesser of two evils”

    put your baronis back in your pants and stop printing the Free Phil! t-shirts.

    its just that time of month for FL.

    it was prolly exactly one month ago, FL was experiencing PMS and had a heart to heart with Evan Tanner. FL is just rooting for the lesser of two evils here. Phils a juicer, but the csac blows bigger balls.

  • islandguy says:

    Clearly steroids affect one’s memory as no one who tests positive has ever remembered taking them.

  • Xavier says:

    Pavia is his attorney and agent, I’d rather see an unbiased accounting of what happened. After all, defense attorneys and agents aren’t exactly the most honest of all chaps.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    i blame dana white

  • dMo says:

    If this pisses you off email Armando Garcia, Executive Officer at [email protected]