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The other guys that wanted a piece of Rashad Evans

Tito Ortiz and Lyoto Machida weren’t the only guys talking to the UFC about stepping in and fighting Rashad Evans. Some interesting characters from another weightclass were also ready to face the challenge. Here’s Dana:

“We got lots of guys that are animals, you know what I mean,” Dana asked Mauro Ranallo on . “Like (Chris) Leben. Leben wanted the fight. Leben wanted to take the fight, Chael Sonnen wanted the fight. But those guys are 185-pounders. And I appreciate their desire, their fire but no, we want guys that are 205-pounders that are real fights at 205.”

And all the questions surrounding who has the balls to face Rashad on three weeks notice ignores the fact that Rashad was game to fight anyone the UFC could put in front of him. Dana again:

“I gotta tell you what, the one thing I really love and respect about Rashad Evans through this whole thing, it didn’t matter. He says, ‘It doesn’t matter who you call and tell me I’m fighting, I’m ready. Whoever you get to fight, I’m ready to fight.”

And what a relief that is. This year has been plagued with so many cancellations that Rashad pulling out would be considered the norm. The way no one seemed to be stepping up for an opportunity to beat the #1 contender at 205 was slightly worrisome indeed. I was starting to be concerned that a serious case of pussyitis had broken out amongst the guys at 205.

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    Best move ever for Ortiz.  Taking another underdog fight against #1 contender Evans is all win:

    He’s so hot right now after the Bader fight.  Huge underdog win and his stock hasn’t been this high in a while.

    He’s coming in on 3 weeks notice, which gives him an easy excuse.

    He also just fought, so there’s no ring rust whatsoever.

    The fight lasted 1:56, comprised of circling and a quick sub, so no injuries or exhaustion there.

    Speaking of ring rust, Evans last fought over a year ago.

    Good thing Machida bitched out.  This is going to be much more interesting.

  • iamphoenix says:

    machida has a severe case of pussyitis. or maybe since he already knocked rashad out he doesn’t feel like he should be fighting him again…

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Can’t wait until this fight is over so people can trip over themselves saying it is a bullshit win because Tito is a washed up relic of a fighter.


    But for the time being Ortiz is a world beater whose coming for that #1 spot.

  • CAP says:

    Machida didn’t bitch out. He wanted Anderson Silva money to fight. That was a bitch move.