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The OTHER Couture vs Vera fight

There are days where I’m happy that Strikeforce is in charge of sheparding WMMA forwards and days where I am not. Guess which one of those days this is: they’ve just booked Kim Couture (1-1) versus Kelly Vera (1-0):

The women’s bout will mark the first time wives of world-class fighters have faced one another in the sport.

Kerry is the wife of UFC light heavyweight Brandon Vera, while Kim was married to former UFC champion Randy Couture (the two recently filed for divorce).

The matchup could have further historical reference as well.

If Nov. 20 is cemented, the spouse-matching bouts will take place one week apart from one another.

Couture and Vera are set to face off in the light heavyweight main event at UFC 105 on Nov. 14 at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England.

So not only is this fight between two fighters with barely any experience whatsoever, but it’s also a gimmick fight designed to play off of a fight between their husbands (or in Kim’s case soon to be ex husband). Now on the gimmick side, it’s actually pretty clever. But it’s still a gimmick and it’s still involving two fighters with a grand fucking total of 3 fucking fights between them.

And that’s what’s really pissing me off here. Strikeforce is ‘in charge’ of Women’s MMA right now, and they seem hellbent on NOT booking any of the experienced women fighters out there. Kim is 1-1, Kerry is 1-0. Both fight like newbs … fitting, since that’s what they are. And once again Strikeforce is gonna cart these girls out, put them on TV, and they’ll put on a gutsy but technically atrocious fight that will have many fans shaking their heads.

Don’t you get it, Strikeforce? YOU’RE FUCKING UP WOMEN’S MMA by putting the spotlight on fighters who have barely ever fought. People see these sloppy fights and they think it’s indicative of the entire women’s talent pool. It isn’t. But what else are they supposed to think when that’s what you’re giving them?