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The origins of “No Love”

There’s very few people we like to hate on more than Rich Cockface Clementi … the guy is almost more annoying than Matt Serra. Between the two of them, they made TUF4 so bad that I hear the army tortures inmates down at Guantanamo Bay by making them watch that season on repeat. Oh sorry … “interrogates” them.

Anyways, if you though that the whole “No Love” gimmick of Clementi’s might have it’s roots in some kind of cool story, you were wrong. The UFC’s Rhett Butler digs up the truth:

A few years after high school, Clementi got married and enlisted in the armed services around the same time. The two acts are intrinsically linked and doomed at the same time as the match point for Clementi’s current life.

“I was married a few years out of high school and I got a bad attitude and didn’t want to be married anymore. I spent a few months (on deployment) in Guam then Spain; I got the tattoo on my back in Spain and just told the guy to put No Love. It’s a mean attitude that transferred into the fight world. I was 20 years old when I got married; the military and marriage didn’t go hand in hand.”

Yup, “No Love” is all about a pissy kid being all emo over his marriage. Hardcore.