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The options behind Randy / Fedor

Yeah, it’s probably gonna be 99% Randy and Fedor today. Sorry about that. Now I’m gonna break down all the different ways that the Randy/Fedor match can happen.

1. Affliction’s demise

Dana White was most vocal on this choice during the phone conference, because he knows it’s a chance to shit on the competition and that shit will be repeated in newspapers across the world.

Will Affliction really be dead by the end of the year? I doubt it … they’re already planning show number three and I believe they have the stubborn idiocy to follow through with their 3-show plan. Fedor vs Arlovski or Barnett with the possibility of Tito on the card as well? That might be capable of doing something.

Affliction isn’t dead yet … they’re gonna be gambling retardo money to stay in the game but I suspect they’ll be around for at least six months to a year. Hey, check out the IFL … they’re still technically around. That just goes to show you how far a struggling promotion can prolong it’s death rattle.

2. Affliction’s ‘US-based’ contract

Everyone legit that’s been mentioning Fedor’s contract also mention that it’s an “exclusive US contract”, making me think that it isn’t so exclusive everywhere else. How smart Affliction was with their contract language is the crux here. Is it really US exclusivity only? Or is it North America exclusivity?

If Affliction was dumb enough to sign a contract citing only the good ol’ United States of America, I bet you we get Randy vs Fedor in Canada. Otherwise, it might be a bit trickier. UK shows have always underperformed PPV wise, so I don’t know if Dana and the gang will sacrifice the buyrate to do the fight there. And as Rocky-style cool as Randy vs Fedor in Russia would be, I doubt the UFC is willing to jump headfirst into that country.

3. The Randy exception

According to Kim Couture, Fedor has an exception in his contract that says Fedor can fight Randy anywhere at any time for any promotion. There might be a few things to keep in mind … I’m sure that clause comes with a condition that Affliction still gets preference. So if Affliction already has Fedor booked up for a January or February fight against the winner of Arlovski / Barnett, then the UFC can’t just book the fight a week beforehand. But this seems like a pretty promising option. Combine it with the very real possibility of Affliction being too poor to book up a fourth event, and you’ve got Randy vs Fedor faster than you’d think.

There’s a big bummer throughout all of this: Dana White has made it clear that he won’t agree to a ‘one and done’ contract. Fedor HAS to stick around. So long as Affliction has the ability to put together a show featuring Fedor, you won’t see him in the UFC.