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The Olympics Get Interesting

Cuba’s Angel Matos loses Bronze medal, temper and control of his left leg:


Not MMA-related, but this is the biggest example of this type of dickliness we’re liable to be exposed to until Gilbert Yvel steps back into the ring. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t snicker just a bit and think that the legions of FL Jackals just might agree there’s something both awful and awfully comical about this snapshot. Matos’ behavior zooms past being unsportsmanlike or even brattish and can only be called evil…but MAN is that a funny picture. I’m glad the fucker got the boot and hopefully the judge is okay, because the guilt makes laughing unpleasant.

To sum up how stunning Matos’ behavior was, a quote from World Taekwondo Federation secretary general Yang Jin-suk: “We didn’t expect anything like what you have witnessed to occur. I am at a loss for words.”

WTF indeed, Mr. Suk.