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The Official Shogun highlight video is missing something…

(above: the official Zuffa Shogun Promo video which sucks balls)

Hmm, what is missing from the official Shogun promo video that Zuffa has put up on the internets? Could it be the total domination of current UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson? Yeah, I guess it is kinda weird that they skip over that. Say what you will about the UFC promoting Chuck like crazy over Jackson, they’re not about to display their current champion getting one of the most brutal beatdowns this side of Tokyo.

Or perhaps they were just in too much of a rush to get this turd out the door? It is a pretty weak promo video … you’d figure the people at Zuffa would be better at using video editing software than some guy from Germany! Seriously, watch the German dude’s video. It’s like the “Transformers” of MMA highlight clips. Zuffa should hire this kid … of course knowing them, they’ll probably just sue him instead.