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The Octagone Girls Mystery

It’s been a few days since the UFC fired both Logan and Natasha for who knows what reason and yep it’s still a total mystery as to why. Ariel Helwani has a great article talking to the girls where they confirm that the whole thing was out of the blue and they weren’t really given a reason either. The Las Vegas Sun has Dana White refusing to comment, basically saying “We do this all the time”.

Of course MMA fans aren’t about to just take no reason as a reason without speculating at least a little about what happened. Here’s some of the theories:

They talked shit about Koscheck: After UFC 106, both girls made comments about Josh Koscheck faking that eye injury in his bout against Anthony Johnson. They weren’t the only ones who thought that – because replays of the situation missed this and only showed a knee that hit Koscheck’s arm and not eye, pretty much everyone who watched the event thought the situation was kinda fishy. Still, little advice to future ring girls: DO show enthusiasm about your job by talking about fights and fighters. DON’T call out or talk shit about them.

It’s Arianny’s fault: The expression ‘third wheel’ is pretty popular for a reason, and by all accounts that’s what Arianny became due to the homance (female bromance, aight?) that developed between Logan and Natasha. That’s not to say the three didn’t get along, but there were a few hints over the year that the other two girls didn’t always consider Arianny the friendliest person in the world. Arianny has heard the rumors and addressed them with a tweet, saying anyone who thinks she has the power to get anyone fired is stupid. On the other hand, people get let go all the time for not gelling with the people they work with.

No boobs: After Bazooka Tits, everyone was pretty surprised that the next octagon girl in had little wittle itsy bitsy tiny weeny humpty dumplings. While some of us kinda dug the whole non-whorish look Logan was rocking (this chick was a prominent Guess model, respect), you have to remember that there is a pretty huge demographic of fans who probably feel like if they pay 200 bucks for nosebleed seats, they should be able to see some big ol titties from up there.

Make room for the new girl: Replacement girl Chandella Powell wasn’t just in Playboy the magazine, she was a bunny at the Playboy Club at the Palms, aka that shitty venue Zuffa is always using even though everyone hates it and it has the vibe of a high school wrestling meet. Only instead of passionate educated wrestling fans, it’s all obnoxious drunk people who got tickets for free while wandering the Palms casino’s empty floors. I’m not going to make any wild and potentially libelous guesses as to how she landed the job, but it’s all about who you know and she was in the position to know people who could have pulled some strings.

I’ve been doing a lot of digging trying to get to the bottom of this and while the one thing I kept hearing was that the three girl dynamic wasn’t working, there hasn’t been anything definite I can pass along. Still, this is MMA – it’s a total sewing circle so you know the dirt is gonna come out sooner or later.