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The NSAC talks TUF with the UFC

MMA Weekly has an interesting article about how the NSAC gave the UFC a bit of grief over all the fluid ingesting and outright assaults going on during the last season of the Ultimate Fighter. Nothing really came of the whole thing, but I did enjoy the two paragraph summary of all the debauchery that went on in the TUF house:

The specific behavior in question was not detailed during the meeting, but among the incidents that occurred during TUF 8 were several involving Junie Browning. Throughout the course of the season, Browning threw a glass at Kyle Kingsbury; got into a poolside scuffle with Ryan Bader; jumped over the Octagon fence and went after Efrain Escudero in an aggressive manner immediately after Escudero defeated Shane Nelson in an NSAC-sanctioned fight; threw a glass at Shane Primm’s head; and threw two punches at Primm. Browning was not kicked off of the show for any of these incidents, and was later featured in a fight on the televised main card of TUF 8’s live season finale on Spike TV.

Also during the eighth season of TUF, several members of Team Mir urinated in a platter of fruit salad that was later eaten by several members of Team Nogueira; Kyle Kingsbury mixed his semen into a sushi platter that Dave Kaplan may or may not have later eaten; Tom Lawlor knocked Kaplan unconscious with a punch to the face after an intoxicated Kaplan begged him to do so; and Lawlor and Kaplan voluntarily drank shots of each other’s urine while they were both intoxicated (although the voluntary urine-drinking was edited out of the show at the last minute in what was referred to as “a last-minute editorial decision” by Spike TV).

Bloody Elbow’s Cannon Jacques thinks that the NSAC has the UFC by the balls since they have to approve the UFC’s request to keep results secret until Sherdog leaks the info. So in effect, they can use that leverage to demand that the show feature less urine and semen. But to me, using something as unrelated to fighter behavior as fight results to try and effectively mess with the content of the show seems pretty fucking draconian.

How about this: the NSAC is in a position to effect change because they have rules that allow them to strip fighters of their license. So if Junie jumps into the cage, then the NSAC has all the power in the world to do whatever they want with him because what he did falls under actual NSAC rules. None of this “There’s no rule against being morons on TV, but we’ve decided we’re going to interfere anyways because we’re like that.” I’m not exactly the biggest fan of last season’s theatrics, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope for more government interference. Shame on all you who wanted this. Ron Paul is rolling in his grave.