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The NSAC agrees: new weight classes is a dumb idea

Steve Sievert got in touch with NSAC head Keith Kizer and asked him what he thought of the changes to the Unified rules:

Kizer, whose duties associated with UFC 86 and a boxing event Saturday in Las Vegas kept him from attending the ABC meeting, adds that he is just learning about the revised rules and intends to review them in more detail in the coming weeks. He will take a particularly close look at a change to the light heavyweight division that shifts the weight range to 205 to 225 pounds. Previously, the light-heavyweight division ranged from 186 to 205 pounds.

“I don’t get that one,” Kizer said. “I’m surprised by it. I need to understand the reasoning behind the change. I didn’t think there was a big concern over how the weight classes were structured. This change creates a significant weight differential in the division and leaves only a 40-pound gap at heavyweight.”

I have a feeling that the weight class change (which seems to have slipped in under the radar somehow) is really going to fuck things up and potentially end the reign of the Unified Rules as MMA’s golden standard. Who was asking for these extra weight classes? Was anyone even consulted on it? Did they not stop to think “Wow, this is going to completely change everything”? Well, I doubt it will because now I don’t think there’ll be many commissions who are actually going to institute them. But hey, what’s the point of having unified rules if no one is going to use them?

  • Michael says:

    Their really trying to make MMA more like boxing now. What was wrong with the weight classes before? If a fighter didn’t make weight it was his own damn fault.

  • Elfenstein says:

    im sure fedor can make 225 and fight as a light heavy …

  • TKO Todd says:

    So does that make the current Light Heavy division cruiserweight? Somehow I think Gary fat ass Shaw has something to do with this.

  • Steve says:

    Fedor’s tubby ass could make 205 if he laid off the bliny.

  • Pontus says:

    I don’t think Zuffa will really pay attention to the new weightclasses.
    Atleast I hope so.

  • Higgz says:

    It’s kind of funny. Dana White has always talked about the need of people to use the “Unified Rules”. However, the UFC’s rules were always considered the “Unified Rules”.

    It will be interesting to see what he says in response to this. Will “Unified Rules” not be that important now that they differ from UFC’s preference?

  • differ from everyone’s preference :-p does ANYONE think the new weightclasses are a good idea? Imagine how that would shake up the MMA scene.

  • making this kind of decision would be like changing the rules to hockey without consulting the NHL first

  • Higgz says:

    I think Thiago Alves is VERY much in favor of fighting at 175. I would also like to see Wandy fight at 195.

    And since Anderson Silva has made 175 before he could then hold belts in THREE weight classes (editor’s note to make sure sarcasm is noted with a good amount of mockery).