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The next TUF tryouts are invite only

Things have been getting a little stale over in the TUF house, and returning to a non-live format wasn’t about to make things fresher. There was a lot of speculation / wishful thinking that perhaps we’d get another Comeback season or a season with guys already in the UFC, but that doesn’t sound like what’s happening. MMA Junkie has the scoop:

A flurry of calls from UFC officials to MMA managers this week has brought a bevy of welterweights to Las Vegas to try out for the 16th installment of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

For the next season officials have scrapped open auditions and opted instead to interview potential contestants directly.

“I’ve never seen them skip the tryout process and fly guys straight in,” one manager told (

Those called frequently were veterans of previous open tryouts, though some who hadn’t previously auditioned were also accepted, the managers added.

So no Comeback, but rather ‘The Best of the Rest.’ Are you excite?