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‘The next Cung Le’

I haven’t really given this weekend’s Strikeforce card much press, but I’m a shit talker and there’s very little shit to talk against the card. Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson should be a very entertaining win for Melendez, and the card is stacked with enough gamers to hopefully avoid another borefest like “Strikeforce at the Dome” was.

One fight that’s interesting me is between Jeremiah Metcalf vs. Raymond Daniels. Daniels is making his MMA debut, but he’s being dubbed as ‘the next Cung Le’ and has a pretty sick record in Chuck Norris’ WCL (yeah yeah, I know) and kickboxing:

Daniels, a sixth degree black belt in Kenpo and Shotokan Karate as well as a fifth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, recently concluded three seasons with Chuck Norris’ World Combat League, a full-contact, team-based fight league that prohibits clinching, holding and grappling.

Daniels went 18-0 as a member of the WCL’s Los Angeles squad, and earlier this month, his team won a season championship. The Long Beach, Calif. resident also owns a 16-0 mark in pro kickboxing.

It will be interesting to see if Daniels has the skills to keep the fight on it’s feet or if he ends up on his ass after the first tornado kick attempt.

  • Steve says:


    Strikeforce did the exact same kind of hype job for Brian ‘The Mad Stork’ Schwartz just prior to his match at ‘Four men enter, one man survives’.

    Schwartz was 16-0 with 10 KO’s and an ISKA super middleweight title to his credit. Schwartz, despite his kickboxing pedigree and a gigantic reach advantage, ended up dropping a unanimous decision to fellow MMA newcomer Lemont Davis.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Okay, so he’s knocked down one black tall dude in the WCL and apart from that mostly been monkeying around posing and turning his back to people? Wtf was that all about? He’s so gonna get put on his back unless he gets a lucky punch in.

    And I’ll be laughing, by the way.

  • goo says:

    “Chuck Norris’ World Combat League, a full-contact, team-based fight league that prohibits clinching, holding and grappling.”

    Is that how they describe themselves?

  • Flavin says:

    I think the obvious major difference is Cung Le’s wrestling.

    “Le came from a strong wrestling background, placing fourth in the nation in Greco-Roman at the Espoir (teenage) nationals in 1991, along with winning the AAU freestyle and Greco-Roman junior (high school age) nationals. He was a state junior college champion at West Valley (Calif.) College.”

    Can Daniels claim such a grappling pedigree?

  • Burtonchik says:

    Raymond Daniels is undisputably the best in sport karate right now, as a result, his speed will definitely surprise (to say the least) any opponent who chooses to strike with him.

    But if he hasn’t done any kind of ground work (I don’t know if he has or not) he’s going to get killed.

    That being said, I really hope he wins, so I can hear the smack talk coming from my school that ensues after the fight.

  • Popetastic says:

    WCL is just a kickboxing league, but they don’t want to call themselves that for some reason. I think they’d be a lot better off if they just paid attention to reality. I’ve seen some decent fights on there. Sometimes they’re on VS, and quite frankly, television is pathetic 99 percent of the time, so it’s mildly worth watching.

  • I always enjoyed the WCL, it’s like eye candy. The fights are like 3 minutes long lol. They should really give out bonuses for KO’s though, that might up the number of awesome knockouts.

  • Mike_N says:

    Nothing here makes me think he can defend the takedown. In fact, all the posturing kinda reminded me of Dave Chappelle’s And1 Mixtapes sketch:

  • jakey says:


  • P W says:

    I want to see this guy being taken down and submitted/gnp’d until unconscious within the first minute.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    “Five time champion of the annual San Jose Holiday Inn Ballroom Throwdown…!”

  • John DeCovich says:

    In what I call “point karate” the next “Cung Le” looks impressive. In an MMA match he would be the lamb led to the slaughter. Sorry but he’s not the next Cung Le.

  • dragomort says:

    The next Cung Le got an all-out ass whooping by Metcalf. His defense of ‘act like a mummy’ while mounted didn’t work out so well.

  • Steve says:

    The ‘next Cung Le’ has just gone the way of the Mad Stork. He was completely dominated and looked utterly clueless on the ground.

    I doubt we’ll ever see him in a cage again.

  • Chuck norris is rolling over in his grave after the loss by “Cung Le”

  • wayne gretzky says:

    Gay, gay, gay.

    M. M. A.

    Not ballet/

  • Train more ground. Easy victory for metcalf. Theres only room for one point fighter in mma.

  • difference is Cung Le has wrestling skills

  • Hammer says:

    Impressive skill but I hate the way he turns his back. That wont get it done.. He will get mauled on the ground…

  • jakey says:

    He was annoying – glad he got beat.

  • haha man, he got TOOLED. See the snot/blood leaking out of his head at the end?