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The next Art of War is stacked

Tucked down at the bottom of Sherdog’s results article for Friday’s Art of War show was this little lineup preview for their next event:

The Art of War picks back up in late June with a card featuring Jeremy Horn (Pictures), Jeff Monson (Pictures), Pedro Rizzo (Pictures) and Ricco Rodriguez (Pictures).

Considering Friday’s show was headlined by Wes Sims vs some dude and David L’Oiseau vs some dude, this is a pretty impressive step up. However, I still don’t have much faith in the likelihood of these guys making it in the long run. Official attendance for this event was reported at 2800 people. That’s roughly around what most medium scale promoters in Canada are pulling without any star power. Anyways, now I just hope they manage to stay afloat long enough for the next Art of War show, which actually looks like it could be half decent.