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The next Anderson Silva

Am I the only one who’s noticed that Joe Rogan has gone from being a pretty fair assessor of talent to being completely out of control with the praise? I know his job is to talk up the talent a bit and I figured any gripes I had were merely the result of differences of opinion. But how can you claim Joe is being sane when he compares Terry Etim to Anderson Silva???

On Saturday night, the Etim love-in reached a breaking point. No longer were fans merely drooling over Etim’s potential and future hopes; he was now being compared to middleweight king and all-round destroyer Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva.

That piece of hyperbole came from the lips of none other than UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan. Though delighted to be on the receiving end of such acclaim, Etim pretends he didn’t hear it.

“That was an awesome compliment,” he admits. “You’ve just got to keep your feet on the ground with stuff like that, though. It’s nice to hear things like that, but it doesn’t actually mean I am Anderson Silva yet. I’ve got a long way to go.”

Note that the article this came from on was labeled “Terry Etim: Don’t call me Anderson Silva just yet.” Is this just the only interesting angle the UFC press writers were able to find, or is this some kind of promotional push? Are we talking about the same Terry Etim who is 3-2 in the UFC with losses to Rich Clementi and Gleison Tibau? Or is there another Etim out there who is secretly destroying everyone?

Every so often I wonder if I’m losing my grip on reality … perhaps it is I who is the one who has lost his sanity and Terry is a 155 pound Anderson Silva alongside Phillipe Nover and several other guys the UFC seems to like. I need to stop listening to my slowly expanding gut and just follow what the UFC hype machine says. They’re not getting out of control at all.