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The Nandrolone Myth

Dana’s not the only one who’s drinking the steroid kool-aid. Now The Fight Network has jumped on board, making completely bogus claims on Nandrolone:

Normal levels of Nandrolone range from two nanograms per milliliter of urine in an average person to six ng/ml in an athlete engaged in rigorous activity. Sherk’s reported level, which was certified by the director of science and technology at the laboratory conducting the tests, was 12 ng/ml. His “A” and “B” samples were tested and confirmed as positive, according to the commission’s original report.

Of course, those of you playing the home edition of “Jeopardy : Steroids edition” know that out of hundreds of athletes at the Nagano olympics, not one male had over .2ml of nandrolone in their system (women had up to .6ml because of birth control and other fascist man made pharmaceuticals). The legal limit was therefore set at 10 times the highest level anyone can record naturally: 2ml in men and 6ml in women.

There are absolutely no scientifically validated tests that prove vigorous training does anything to levels of nandrolone in the body. In fact, every existing study done by every single doping agency has shown exactly the opposite. The only study in existence that backs up the claim of rigorous training and supplements causing spikes in nandrolone levels was a preliminary study by the University of Aberdeen, which has been widely panned for not using proper control procedures and scientific methods.

All of the MMA bloggers have been laying eggs about “The Zuffa Myth” for the past year … you know, that shit about Zuffa turning mixed martial arts from human cockfighting into a legitimate sport single handedly. Well, this bullshit nandrolone myth has much further reaching consequences if we allow organizations and FUCKING OFFICIAL NEWS SITES to spread it.

The fight network’s email is [email protected] … if anyone has a better email address then please suggest it and I’ll update this post. I’d say email Loretta Hunt, but she spamblocked my email after I sent her pictures of my penis. Normally you’re told to write a nice civil letter, but my advice is to be as scathing and scornful as possible. It’s stupid that a lazy fuck like me knows more on this shit than these paid fatcats. Here’s a letter you can cut and paste:

Hey fucktards!

In your AM Update for August 31st, you included some completely bogus and incorrect information regarding nandrolone. Your article states normal levels of nandrolone are 2ml to 6ml. Reality states that normal levels of nandrolone are .2ml to .6ml (which is only for women on certain forms of birth control). There is absolutely no scientific evidence to link rigorous activity to elevated levels of nandrolone production. In fact Dr Christiane Ayotte, one of the top doping experts in the world, has specifically refuted the claim that increased physical activity leads to increased levels of nandrolone. If you took even five minutes to investigate the topic of nandrolone, you would know this already. As it stands you are spreading misinformation and I demand that you correct your article.

  • Mr. Chris says:

    Nice work. I sent your email

  • Wu Tang says:

    Nice! Love your writing, sooo civilized! Keep up the great work!

  • bettor says:

    Finally, somebody speaks the truth on this bullshit. Good writing.
    sherk juiced bottomline, stop making excuses for the roided midget

  • Roido the Cat says:

    You speak the truth.

    Just don’t let the veterinarian take my “supplements” away.

  • kentyman says:

    Hard-hitting facts, AND penis comments. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  • E says:

    “Hey fucktards!” is how I’m going to begin every email I compose from this point forward. Thank you kind sir for that inspiration.

    As an annoying point of contention, it’s not a level of 0.2ml nandrolone for men, but rather 0.2 ng/ml. It may not seem like a big difference but the first reading (0.2 milliliters) is absolute nonsense in scientific terms while the second is not (0.2 nanograms per milliliter; meaning they recorded 0.2 nanograms of nandrolone per milliliter of fluid tested).

    I have now dramatically reduced the funny quotient of this comment section…my work here is done.

  • ajadoniz says:

    fascist man made pharmaceuticals. love it. i will also forward ur e-mail after doing some due diligence… mostly looking at wikipedia and editing as needed.

  • Matto says:

    Fucking shit fucks you are a funny bastard. Thanks for dropping the science on our stupid heads.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Go fightlinker, Fight the Power!

  • Jordan Breen says:

    Fightlinker is good the the sport.

  • Arcangel says:

    Great read…. I like your antagonizing approach… but I think she just blocked you because your cock was too small… or maybe it was the puss oozing from that boil on your knob… lol

    Keep up the good work…

  • shanaconda says:

    Very interesting! Do you have some links or references for the 0.2 ng/ml we could check out?

  • Hey shanaconda … the numbers are out there a lot … do google searches for “naturally occuring nandrolone” and “aberdeen nandrolone” and you’ll find all the information regarding this. The best starting point is here:

    If you continue reading several pages forward, you’ll see the birth of the vigorous training + diet = increased nandrolone myth. The much criticized Aberdeen study was commissioned by UK Athletics, an athletic governing body which took over for the British Athletics Federation. The BEF went bankrupt largely over the costs of defending athletes accused of doping. So how surprising is it that UK Athletics becomes involved in a study which casts ambiguity over solid facts which have been established over 20 years of Olympic level dope testing? Basically you have a governing body which is interested only in fielding as many medal-winning athletes as possible commissioning several institutions to have proof manufactured which allows their athletes to slip the noose of suspension.

    In fact, the Aberdeen study (and it’s not even considered a study as it doesn’t meet the scientific standards to be recognized as such) wasn’t the first ‘study’ on this specific information. UK Sport, another governing body above UK Athletics, did a comprehensive study on the subject that found there was no co-relation between diet, physical activity, and excessive nandrolone. In fact, the key finding in the study was that excessive nandrolone production was almost always attributed to tainted supplements. Of course, that’s not what UK Athletics wanted to hear so they paid for another report at Aberdeen and gave control to former employee Ron Maughan. The study has since been pillored for being a total peice of shit:

    “the University of Aberdeen study was discounted by an IAAF arbitration panel for a variety of scientific reasons, including the fact that Professor Maughan was not independent as he subsequently was part of the U.K. Athletics disciplinary committee that considered favourably the cases of Christie, Walker and Cadogan. [several other athletes who were later found completely 100% undeniably guilty of doping]”

    Another study done at the exact same time as the Aberdeen tests by the IOC in Germany found the exact same results as the original UK Sports study: There is no link between diet, activity and raised nandrolone levels. The study slammed supplements for being tainted and causing raised nandrolone levels.

  • johnny says:

    fightlinker is greater than that fanboi/mark known as evilmaster (aka machine may version 2.0)

  • I’ve got respect for evilmaster … when the report was up it was a good place to find info … spread the love for fellow webmastaz

  • Interesting read, thanks for the link!

    This guy takes HUGE leaps in logic to support his claims. He even admits this:
    “Upon reading this information, Dr. Donike (at the time director of the IOC accredited Cologne laboratory, and head honcho as far as IOC drug testing) and several others wrote me saying that I was completely misguided, and that my “rantings” about a possible endogenous origin for nandrolone metabolites in athletes were preposterous and totally unsubstantiated by present knowledge and research. ”

    I could spend all day pointing out huge problems with this guy’s arguments. Here’s one of the biggest fallacies in his article: In his article he claims that “establishing a urinary threshold level for nandrolone metabolites is currently a difficult and speculative process, due largely to the lack of scientific knowledge within this area.” The main argument of his article is we don’t know enough to be able to say for sure that the thresholds are fair.

    The urinary threshold of 2ml for men was established based on thousands and thousands of tests done by the IOC on athletes from around the world. Even though the natural threshold for Nandrolone in a human never exceeded .6ml, they set the threshold at 6ml, a pretty damned generous increase if you ask me.

    The studies specifically referenced in this article are all from the 80’s and early 90s and were performed on groups of 10 or less individuals. The comprehensive studies by UK Sports and Cologne collected and used data from the IOC over 2 years worth of testing. At roughly 170,000 tests a year, that’s 340,000 results. The UK Sports study was updated two years later with further data, meaning the study took into account four years worth of statistical information regarding Nandrolone production: nearly a million test results were taken into account when setting the threshold.

    Furthermore, half of the studies used to try and prove this guy’s points have been discredited or mis-quoted. One of the studies he refers to was a report on nandrolone levels in humans who eat meat of animals who were given nandrolone!

    One of the best links I can give you is here:

    Christiane Ayotte, who I referenced in my original posts, does a better job than I ever could explaining the details behind all the bunk studies and reports muddying the waters of naturally occuring nandrolone. Skim through the forum there and read what she says regarding some of the studies done that support elevated natural levels of nandrolone.

    While I agree with the guy in your link’s general argument that work must be done to be able to differentiate between endogenous and exogenous nandrolone (that’s naturally occurring and externally occurring), I can’t agree that there’s enough scientific evidence to support the idea that nandrolone can naturally occur in a human above 6ml. More importantly, it’s not the consensus of the scientific community (and the doping/testing community) either.

  • It’s also important to note that the author of that peice references elevated levels of nandrolone as a result of tainted supplements to be a ‘false positive’.

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    I have answered this question on the UG and elsewhere so now I will bring my wisdom to the ‘Linker.

    This whole issue of nandralone/testosterone is easy to fix and understand. Since Nan/Testo come from the gonads, and so many fighters test positive then claim they never took anything, there must be a reason. I have figured it out.

    They need to stop swallowing…

  • Orange Robot says:


    I figured you would still be in Ireland waiting for Shogun’s fight to happen. Screw you and your wisdom, you delusional nobody.

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    Orange, I dont get the Ireland thing, at all. And um, if you didnt catch the joke… maybe YOU should stop swallowing. It rots the brain.

  • I liked the swallowing joke!

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    I knew the fightlinker guys would get it.

    But beyond that., realize I have no reason wse to defend these guys, but there is a testing procedure for the sups that guys take. The reason is that some sups do in fact cause false pos’s. I cant stand the Muscle Jerk Sherk, but I doubt he used steriods. For further analysis, find MTU when he isnt drunk. CANADA!!!!!!

  • But here’s the deal : from my understanding (and I haven’t done enough research to say this 100%), excessive nandrolone as a result of supplements is caused by a tainted supplement that causes the nandrolone … not some kind of strange combination of other items that show up as nandrolone.

    In my opinion, just because Sherk didn’t knowingly do them, doesn’t mean the test is a ‘false positive’.