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The Mystery Middleweight

After reading today’s big Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin article on Yahoo! Sports, I noticed a little nugget of information that has been sorely neglected, much like that lump on your balls. It’s time to go get that checked out. Nah, I’m just kidding. No way it’s cancer. But seriously. You might want to do something about it.

White said he is working on signing another middleweight that he would not name who he said “would blow your mind.”

Who could this mystery fighter possible be? Why bother saying you’re signing someone kickass if you’re not going to say who it is? Why does everything need to be shrouded in mystery? Can I at least get a clue? Did I forget to take my medicine again?

Analysis of who the mystery middleweight might be after the jump.

Let’s do a little brainstorming. The current top middleweights outside of the UFC are, in no particular order, as follows: Jorge Santiago, Kazuo Misaki, Cung Le, Vitor Belfort, Matt Lindland, Robbie Lawler, Paulo Filho, Frank Trigg, Ronaldo Souza, Melvin Manhoef, Gerard Mousasi, Frank Shamrock, and Mayhem Miller.

Mousasi is out because he’s already stated his intention to move up in weight. Filho is out because the UFC just dropped him for being a batshit lunatic. Shamrock is out because he’s clearly not coming back to the company ever again and is attempting to help Strikeforce become a solid number two. Lindland is out because he too will not be seen inside a Zuffa cage any time soon, unless of course the weather in Hell becomes suitable for snowboarding. Lawler is out because Strikeforce has him on lockdown for the foreseeable future. Souza and Manhoef are both with DREAM for the time being. Santiago is a talented dude who is most definitely on the rise but he seems to be content fighting in Japan for now. Despite the fact that both guys are talented fighters, Trigg and Misaki are out because signing either would not blow anyone’s mind.

That leaves us with Vitor Belfort, Mayhem Miller, and Cung Le. Yes, I know Le is with Strikeforce, Belfort is with Affliction, and Miller is signed to fight Souza at an upcoming DREAM show. But if Dana’s comments are to be taken as true — and, let’s face it, for all the guy’s faults, he’s not much of a bullshitter — those are the three names who might be able to “blow some minds” or at least be considered big signings.

Belfort said a few months back that he wanted to get back into the UFC and had talked to Joe Silva. Belfort’s devastating KO of Matt Lindland is his biggest victory in a decade (his TKOs of Wanderlei and Tank were back when The Jerry Springer Show was something equally new, interesting, and morally despicable). Affliction will be done after this next show and Belfort needs a home. This is the best time to bring the Phenom back into the fold that there has been since he left last.

Mayhem has always had a larger-than-life personality that seems perfect for the big stage that only the UFC can provide. His sole trip to the Octagon was a gutsy, bloody performance against a surging Georges St. Pierre. Now, after establishing himself as one of the top 185ers in the world, a new-found focus on training, and a brand new show on MTV, Mayhem is a star in both the MMA world and in the eyes of our half-retarded youth. He might not be taking Anderson Silva’s belt away within the next few months, but he’s definitely the type of guy who has both the charisma and talent necessary to become a star in the UFC.

As for the current Strikeforce middleweight champ, he appeared on a UFC show a few weeks ago to promote his minor role in the new movie Fighting. Even though Zuffa brass likes Scott Coker so much, that doesn’t mean they would be willing to promote his stars on their dollar. Something could be up with his Strikeforce contract and the UFC could very well be throwing dollar signs at him. As awesome as a Cung Le vs. Robbie Lawler fight would be, the potential fights with members of the UFC middleweight division trumps it in terms of badassery.