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The mystery buyer who bought M-1 is…

I don’t know. But Sam Caplan does. He came by the site earlier and talked about how he masturbates in public. Plus he commented on our last M-1 related post with the following:

Actually, the promoter for the “new” M-1 won’t be Finkelstein. He’ll remain as a consultant but they’ve hired a recognizable name in the industry to handle promoting.

So what … the … fuck. First I find out insiders were hearing rumors of Randy Couture’s departure last week. Now we have a situation where no one from the MMA media is willing to spit out who’s bought M-1. Since when did everyone start sitting on the news instead of spreading it? I thought the point of these stupid websites was to pass along information and talk about it. What happened to journalistic integrity? What’s the point of me running this site if you guys are already making a mockery of MMA reporting?

Here’s the deal people: I’ve got a hammer and I’ve got a bag of kittens. If someone doesn’t start talking soon, I’m gonna make me some kitty pancakes.

**UPDATE** Yeah, I specifically harp on Sam, but that’s just because he’s the only one that responds to my emails. This message goes out to all the rest of you people keeping the info hush hush too.

  • ajadoniz says:

    don’t you know Sam sold his soul already. u’ll never get anything from him anymore. kitty number #1…

  • dance2tranz says:

    you’re hysterical, i join your posts very much. thanks

  • pf says:

    Randy Couture and another party of investors (including Putin and Van Damme) bought M-1. Randy will fight Fedor superbowl weekend (yes that’s right) and M-1 has acquired Barnett and Mini-Tauro as well as Joachim Hansen, Kang and a number of other PRIDE fighters currently in limbo. It’s true

  • pf says:

    haha j/k no its not but that would be cool!!!

  • Karl says:

    What kind of deals do these reporters have with their sources?

    Insider: “I’ll give you inside info, but you can’t tell anyone else.”
    Sam Caplan: “Ok, I just want it for my personal satisfaction anyways and to taunt people on their blogs”

    WTF? Isn’t the whole point of having inside sources so you can report information?

  • garth says:

    i got the same stuff from the mma journalist world. boooo
    it does make me feel like there’s some spy movie going on tho. what if they buyer is…DR. EVIL!

  • garth says:

    good point Karl. You get classified info, you leak it. Maybe they told a bunch of reporters different stories so they can tell who leaked. That would be awesome. These reporters have to talk to each other too, don’t they?
    Where’s our anonymous source?

  • AlexK says:

    You know what I think? I think ProElite bought M-1.

    This is right up their alley:

    1. They buy smaller orgs, and allow them to keep their brands, e.g. M-1 will be known as M-1 Global.
    2. They pay multi-million dollar sums for smaller orgs. Look at MMA Payout’s coverage of the TKO and Cage Rage buy-outs for the amounts.
    3. They don’t even have a heavy-weight division, but they want to compete with the big boys.

    That’s why Sam Caplan knows who it is, but is being coy about it. He works for ProElite and they would fire him if he leaked it.

    He is his own source!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    LOL. I am confident that I will be vindicated next week when the company is revealed to not be ProElite. It’s not Zuffa. It’s not the WWE. It’s a company most people haven’t even heard of. Believe it or not, I have relationships with all of the promotions, as do most reporters in this business. When you’re proven wrong Alex I hope you have enough integrity to apologize.
    I’m not trying to be a dick by teasing everyone. I’m just trying to let you guys know what I’m able to tell. My intention is not to taunt people. There’s just a lot of crazy conspiracy theories going around about this M-1 situation and I’m trying to tell people that there’s not a conspiracy here.
    My mistake was that I spoke up in the first place. Next time I will just let people go in incorrect directions and offer no kind of comment in return.
    “WTF? Isn’t the whole point of having inside sources so you can report information?”
    You’ve got a lot of people on here who are making comments about journalism who have never been to a journalism class. When you talk to a source there are two kinds of statements: on the record and off the record. As soon as a source says the words “off the record,” the story is dead in the sense that I can’t report it. To report something that someone said was off the record would be dishonorable. I apologize for giving people my word and not going back on it. Man, I’m a shitty person.
    Furthermore, If I reported things that were told to me off the record do you think anyone in this industry would still talk to me? So why do I listen to information off the record? For two reasons. First, I’m not going to lie, part of it is for my own personal edification. This isn’t just a job for me, this is something I love to do. I’m a fan of MMA. I’m sorry if when I ask someone a question and they respond “I can only answer that off the record” that I don’t hangup. Yeah man, I admit it, I am curious and I love hearing this stuff. Second, it’s helps me do my job better. If someone tells me something off the record then I at least know to watch a story closely so that when it gets to a point where I am allowed to report on it, I can jump on it. Also, I can use the info to try and pry and get someone else to go on the record with it. And in all cases when someone tells me something off the record, I’m always trying to negotiate a way in which I can report the story in some fashion. Some people might call it begging and that’s probably because that’s what it is. Sometimes the source is cool and let’s me report on the story in some sort of way, sometimes they don’t. But if I don’t listen to what they’re willing to tell me, then there’s no shot of anything getting out to the people.
    If you don’t agree with what I’m saying then I encourage you to start your own blog. Start writing and building up a network of sources. Then get them to tell you things and then go back on your word and spill the beans and then see how long you last.
    Nobody that I know of in this industry is making deals with sources. It’s cut and dry: either you can report something or you can’t.

  • LR says:

    Word on the street is that it’s a company that deals in both American and the Russian gambling industries that we haven’t heard of. That’s the word from Josh Gross, but that’s a rumor, take it for what you like.

  • LR says:

    That was my thought when I heard it, but it was mentioned that it was a company we had not heard of. I would think that would mean no Bodog. Who knows.

  • Pontus says:

    Imagine if the UFC did a huge deal and bought something like M-1 and signed Fedor would the mma media help keep that a secret until the UFC had their announcement.

    I think not.. (Except for Iole he would withstand torture before he went against the UFC).

    Im just sad that I get to see all these shitty conspiracy theories on the underground about BET buying m-1 instead of some funny shit.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    I think it is Russian oil money.

  • robnashville says:

    Since Pontus brought up Iole, here he is making a star turn on this week’s edition of Inside MMA:

  • marshal says:

    Sam Caplan, thanks for the in side peak into the world of journalism, interesting.

  • marshal says:

    How many WPM do you type Mr. Caplan?

  • Why sam ever bothers to read this site let alone comment on what we say, i’ll never know. We’re all retards here!

  • marshal says:

    Speak for yourself fightlinker, mentally eat journalists for breakfast. They have however mastered the art of language.

  • marshal says:

    Correction “I mentally eat….”

  • AlexK says:

    Sam, I think you’re taking the Interwebs too seriously.

    I’ll apologize right now, because I seem to have made you upset although I don’t understand why. I threw a theory out there based on what little I know and I made sure to phrase it so as to be clear it’s only my guess.

    Regarding the whole “teasing” thing, I think people are legitimately confused when you drop little hints about who it isn’t but you do not say who it is. We couldn’t know that hints are on the record but the whole story is off the record.

    In conclusion, you’re taking blog comments too seriously. Your integrity and reputation were never questioned and nobody knowingly asked you to betray off-the-record information.

  • stellar53 says:

    I heard it was Al Gore and and James Hellwig/Warrior…..

    PS….RC sucks

  • Cyrus says:

    So, I’m a journalist; And, Sam Caplan, told me off the record that he and Chuck Liddell had a gang bang with a couple Tapout chicks. Apparently, Chuck touched his ass. Not, like, a grab – but he just kind of laid his hand there. But, he told me to keep it off the record, so I’m not going to tell anyone. Anyways, just fucking around Sam – but I really do hate you for not only getting access to unknown shit, but also taunting about it. I’ve skullfucked (expletives) in a beauty salon for less.