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The Mousasi plot thickens

On Wednesday, word started to circulate that something wacky had happened regarding Gegard Mousasi’s negotiations with Strikeforce. The gist was that Gegard’s management hadn’t been honest about how much money the UFC had offered him. At first I thought this was another UFC attempt to drive a wedge between a fighter and their management, especially since Mousasi’s management was M-1 Global. But it turns out the UFC wasn’t involved in the situation at all.

Get this: After signing with Strikeforce, Gegard personally called the UFC to find out what they had offered his management … I guess all that “Fedor doesn’t know what’s really being offered” talk had him wondering if he was in a similar position. Now here’s where things get fucked up: Gegard was told by M-1 that the UFC had offered him 40k/40k. It turns out that the UFC never made ANY offer for Mousasi, but if negotiations had taken place then they would have offered to match his Affliction contract (worth around 125k).

M-1 claimed that the 40/40 number was given to them from ‘a source inside the UFC’, whatever the fuck that means. True or not, that’s not really how managers are supposed to handle business and at best it makes M-1 look incompetent (for the second time today) and at worst it makes them look like dishonest fuckers who lied to Mousasi to get him to sign the deal THEY wanted him to sign.

M-1 already had an uphill battle ahead of them to convince people they were a legitimate business and not a bunch of opportunistic scammers. Between this and the shit that’s going on with their upcoming event, they haven’t exactly gotten off to the best start.