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The most expensive UFC book ever

A few days ago, a book popped up on called ‘Octagon’ by David Lynch. No real description, no details. Just that it ships in December and it costs roundabout 1200 bucks. Wait, what? The 1200$ thing might be a mistake … the book has actually been removed off of the North American Amazon sites, probably pending clarification. Although I really wouldn’t be surprised if this book still runs in the hundreds of dollars: it’s going to be a gorgeous coffee table book full of the best MMA photography ever done.

You may or may not remember the name David Lynch … that shitty show hosted by Joe Rogan did a bit on him and his work. Above you can see some of it … before and after pictures of UFC fighters. You can go to his page to check out more of his stuff, including the images that make up the cover of the book: real photos of the bloodstained mat post-event.

I’ll definitely be buying one of these … provided of course it costs less than 500 bucks. Otherwise I plan on stealing a copy from the local Indigo. Those fat fucks can’t run as fast as me.

  • dragomort says:

    Luckily, you’re right about the price being wrong. Unfortunately, it’s actually over twice as much.

    US List Price: $2,500.00
    UK Equivalent: £1,235.75
    Amazon Price: £1,112.18

  • The US sites listed it as 2500$ List / 1600$ Amazon price or something similar. I’m sure the price is incorrect though so…

  • This guy has been shooting behind the scenes for some time now. He shoots with Hasselblad cameras (plural) that cost over £20k each… over $40,000 per camera… No wonder hes trying to make his money back here

    Point of interest – watch the Mirko KO by Gonzaga – right as the medics jump on Mirko you see it from a top down camera view – and you can see someone lean over the top with a camera in hand and shoot the scene of him lying there half dead. Thats the kind of thing you can expect to see in this book.

  • anderson says:

    …sweet moses….this things costing me more and more money every day…

  • Also, I forgot to mention – he is the guy who took the awesome portraits you see in the dressing room in TUF

  • DJ Hapa says:

    This is a limited edition I assume. Probably 1000 copies printed and no more.

    Hey Fightlinker! Here’s an idea. Give away a copy of the book to the seventh poster on this thread.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Wow, I want that book.

  • Swedish guy says:

    And btw, am i the only one who thought WOW even more when I read “David lynch” in the first sentence? Twin peaks meets UFC… gives me some chills!

  • Steve-O says:

    overrated~ I’d still buy it tho, if they told monopoly money…

  • haha hapa, I’m gonna be your sugar daddy

  • Goo says:

    KEVIN Lynch

  • emily says:

    i bought one for my boyfriend for christmas. the price is insane for basicly a picture book. the damn thing weighes in at 50 pounds. why? he better like his gift or he can find a new girlfriend.

  • emily says:

    maybe i am being a little harsh it is stunning. and owning it does come with bragging rights. i am one of those idiots that spend 100 bucks on shirts and 800 plus on tickets. what can i say it is addicting.

  • If he doesn’t like it, you can date me and I’ll treat you like a queen

  • emily says:

    i will keep that in mind.