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The most awesome thing EVER

 I just want to take a moment to say that we’re really lucky to have the best fucking fans out there. And I say this because you guys are always there to tell us when we suck, when we rock, what’s right, what’s wrong, and on and on and on. You buy our shirts, you support our partners, and you click on our ads. You entertain me with funny comments throughout the day and basically make running this blog a whole lot of fun.

But as good as you all are, this has to take the cake. Jackals #1 Jackal and Millertime are in Colorado for the UFC Fight Night and they managed to snake this picture with everyone’s favorite ring girl. They told me a while back they were going to do this, and the fact that they pulled it off impresses me to no end. This is true jackal spirit at it’s best. Fucking A++ guys.