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The MMA blogosphere is bitchslapping Juanito Ibarra

Two years ago, Tito Ortiz said some stuff about Rampage Jackson’s former coach Juanito Ibarra being a thief. It wasn’t really above the standard kind of shit talking you hear after a messy split up between a fighter and his team, but rather than come out and tell people his side of the story, Junaito decided he was gonna sue Tito and half the MMA blogs that covered what Tito said.

Now I am happy to announce that this tactic has backfired spectacularly on him, as several sites fought back and are now being awarded large sums of money to cover legal fees:

On Sept. 7, Superior Court Judge Zaven Sinanian granted a motion by lawyers to dismiss the part of the case pertaining to, despite arguments by plaintiff Juanito Ibarra’s lawyer that the mixed martial arts website published additional articles containing false information about his client after the lawsuit was filed.

Attorneys for the website then filed a motion for $81,735 in attorneys’ fees, noting the amount was about half what the judge gave the Houston Chronicle, another former defendant that Sinanian also removed from the case. Sinanian granted the site $61,075.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. In a world where the legal system is used all too often to bully people who don’t have the resources to fight back, it’s nice to see litigious douchebags getting owned once in a while.

This isn’t a complete victory, though., the website that originally reported on Tito’s comments (again: they didn’t do anything but post what Tito said) is still on the hook. And they don’t have a fancy shmancy corporate sugar daddy like CagePotato has in Bad news considering it apparently cost CagePotato over 60k just to say “This charge is bullshit, man!”