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The MMA bear

Just in time for Valentine’s day, it’s the Ultimate Lover teddy bear. This isn’t just some random thing from a company looking to take advantage of the sport … whoever is in charge of this obviously knows enough about the sport to fit a dozen puns into their product description:

If you’re grappling with what to get your Valentine and want to keep from striking out on February 14th, our new Ultimate Lover Bear is a great way to let your sweetheart know she’s the only one who can knock you into submission. Wearing black shorts that say “You’re a knockout” and a pair of black fighting gloves with red hearts, he’s dressed just like an ultimate fighter and is ready to engage in his own style of mixed martial arts, giving new meaning to the term “bear hug.”

Did you know? The Vermont Teddy Bear Company sponsors Ultimate Fighters Matt Grice and Josh Neer.

The fighter sponsorships are pretty wicked too – both fighters will be featured on this weekend’s UFC Fight Night card. Here’s hoping they come out with the Vermont Teddy Bear logo prominantly featured.