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The mistakes of ProElite

Sam Caplan has a nice little list of fuckups that caused ProElite to go under. I’ve broken down his paragraph into point form:

The mistakes that were made were numerous, but the biggest were:

  • spending tens of millions of dollars on regional promotions such as Cage Rage, ICON Sport, Rumble on the Rock, and King of the Cage for reasons to this day still remain a mystery;
  • paying certain high-profile fighters 2-3 times what they could make with the UFC;
  • finalizing fight cards on short notice (limiting the company’s time to market the event and sell tickets);
  • promoting shows with a high budget even though there was no pay-per-view revenue stream (compare how much money Zuffa allots for a UFC Fight Night event in comparison to a PPV);
  • not having a director of communications or an in-house PR department;
  • poor venue selection (destinations such as Reno, Sunrise, Stockton, and Corpus Christi never made much sense- as well as Honolulu and Atlantic City, due to the high costs of promoting shows in both cities); and
  • hiring employees with strong MMA resumes and not coming up with job descriptions or titles for them until after they had been hired (and then not relying on their expertise).

For some reason I’m pretty sure there’s a whole bunch more. Any help lengthening the list is appreciated, although the ‘Jared Shaw’ reasons might take up an entire post of it’s own.