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The Mirko Crocop videogame

All you yo-yos who said there was no point in fighters keeping their video game rights to themselves, check this out: A Mirko Crocop game just came out two days ago and it’s like totally super sweet and stuff:

So in short the story is based on a story Croatian Martial Artists, Crocop – Cro Cop: Beyond Reality. The cooperation with the Orlando film and Provox, 24sata brings you this is the entertainment adrenalin by super popular price of only 49.90 kuna! If you are a lover of computer games or just like good, relaxing entertainment, the game Cro Cop: Beyond Reality right choice for you. Mirko Filipović brought in an unforgettable adventure that will meet with a number of enemies and dangerous, unpredictably situations. Game, which was created in a high-performance animation, is a dynamic and interesting. Offers the option to choose fighters as well as the environment for the fight, and besides playing through levels, it is possible to conduct independent and fight against various enemies.

Sure the graphics look like something culled off an Atari Jaguar, but where the hell else are you gonna get to see Crocop fighting a naked devil bitch? Other than Japan, that is. And for 49 kuna (roughly 9 of your Amerikan dollars), you really can’t go wrong, can you?

More pictures of the game here, which is also where you can also buy the thing. I haven’t been able to figure out how yet though. And I’d like to remind any of you who are thinking of ordering it that buying shit on a Croatian website may not be the best idea in the world. Aren’t all Croatians gypsies or something? I hear gypsies steal stuff. Give them your credit card and next thing you know they’ll get your baby. They’re that fucking slick.