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The meth wasn’t Kimo’s!

(Here’s Kimo looking respectable before everyone thought he was a dumb meth head.)

After Sherdog reported that Kimo was arrested with meth on him, everyone pretty much assumed that he was using. That’s not too much of a stretch to make … if a cop catches you with meth, then you’re probably using meth. But turns out Kimo might NOT be a speed freak after all:

Sherdog’s reporting on the matter was based upon a diligent and thorough investigation consistent with the highest journalistic standards, and the referenced information was obtained directly from police sources named in the story. However, Sherdog has since been advised that the information provided to Sherdog by those sources may have been erroneous. Sherdog is now informed that Leopoldo did not test positive for methamphetamine. Sherdog is also now informed that although methamphetamine was found in the car, Leopoldo was not the owner of the vehicle. Accordingly, Leopoldo has been charged only with possession of marijuana.

All this happened while Kimo was petitioning California to become head of it’s athletic commission, and I think it’s safe to say probably hurt his chances just a little bit. Not that he had much of a chance anyways … the guy has already been busted for steroids how many times and not even California would let a pot smoking meathead run their athletic commission. They’ve already got one of those running the state and you’ve seen how that’s working out.

Now we can only hope that this story is followed up by another stating that Kimo’s former sidekick Joe Son was cleared of a Christmas season gang rape. No? Ah well.