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The man who dominated Kimbo

Last week, Patrick Cote learned that the more famous you get, the more interest people take in your personal life. Sometimes embarrassing pictures come up. Those who rise to fame usually learn their lesson before allowing themselves to be photographed humping a member of the same sex or exposing their genitalia. But sometimes a star is born so quickly, said star doesn’t have the time to go home and clear out the wacky photos from their Myspace page before jackals like us get to them.

Such is the situation with Seth Petruzelli, who went from anonymous prelim fighter to Kimbo destroyer in a matter of hours. Now mega-sports blog Deadspin has gone through Seth’s Myspace account and posted up all the ‘interesting’ pictures of Seth – from bubble baths to tongue touching to ‘dick through pants’ pics.

It’s quite amusing stuff, and probably all in good fun too. Seth seems to be a fun loving guy, and I’m sure having people laugh over the pictures is a nice change from the prevalent narrative of “Kimbo got KO’d by a nobody who sucks.”

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PS: for those wondering, Seth isn’t gay. Although wouldn’t it have been awesome if he was?