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THE MAN took James Toney’s UFC paycheck

I probably shouldn’t laugh since I’m one audit away from going to jail myself, but it looks like James Toney never saw a penny of his 500k UFC purse because the IRS put a lien on it:

In an earlier interview with, Arthur said Toney was enraged by an incident just prior to the contest and “just wanted to hit [Randy].”

Today, the trainer and manager said he was first notified of the lien the night prior to the event by a fellow member of Toney’s staff. The fighter’s tax attorney confirmed the judgement as the camp members, including Toney, were preparing to make their way to the TD Garden on fight day.

The attorney claimed the IRS put a hold on Toney’s purse to examine several past tax returns, Arthur said.

After initially considering the idea of pulling his fighter from the event, Arthur informed Toney of the news. “I could see his face change from one extreme to the other extreme,” Arthur said of Toney.

Arthur said he was shocked that he wasn’t notified of the lien by UFC officials, and he did not speak with any representatives after the fight.

“If this would have been (boxing promoter) Dan Goossen, I would have known about it the minute he got it,” he said. “I’ve been with Dan with many years, so I can’t compare him with the UFC.”

Well jeez, Arthur. We’re sorry the UFC has such little experience dealing with the IRS seizing fighter purses. I’m sure boxing promoters would be well versed in the proper protocol and etiquette regarding these kinds of things, but we just don’t have as many tax-dodging man-children in our sport as you do.