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The man behind the beard

I always figured that Kimbo Slice probably looked like a total geek under all that beard, just like Lil Jon looks like a drowned rat if you shave his head. But the Smoking Gun has dug up mugshots of Mr Slice from back in the day, and he looks just as menacing if not more so. No, he was not arrested for wearing such a gay shirt. He’s from Miami, after all.

Street-brawling YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice (real name: Kevin Ferguson) was arrested by Miami Beach cops in May 2002 on gun and open container charges. The felony weapons rap against Slice, 28 at the time, was eventually dismissed. He entered a no contest plea to the booze charge and was ordered to attend an alcohol education course.

Goddamn, it sucks to live in a world where you can’t wander around with a tasty alcoholic beverage and a big fucking gun. Actually, there are parts of the world you can do that … like the Middle East. Who’s more free now, huh???

  • Gong says:

    You kind of can’t walk around with alcohol in the Middle East.

    Also. Wow, Kimbo actually looks better with his rat beard.

  • garth says:

    he looks like Emmit Smith’s older, angrier brother.

  • Keith says:

    Umm.. you can’t drink alcohol in public in the Middle East.

  • You can in the lawless areas. Fuck, if you can execute everyone in a building and leave their corpses in a big pile outside the front door, you can do whatever you want.

  • Keith says:


    I never took you for the anarchist type. lawlessness = true freedom. Interesting logical stretch.

  • Gong says:

    That’s actually why you wouldn’t exactly want to walk around breaking the sharia – unless you’d wanna end up in one of those mass graves. If you’re lucky though, you can be a muttawa and do fuck all.

    I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia. Kind of far from being lawless, but pretty close to the, uh, stereotypical Mid East.

  • “You can in the lawless areas. Fuck, if you can execute everyone in a building and leave their corpses in a big pile outside the front door, you can do whatever you want.”

    Only problem is the people walking around with guns killing people are the extremist that kill you for your wife’s ankles showing or DUHN DUHN DUHN… drinking alcohol. But then you’re Canadian so what do you know, anyway. =\

  • dignan says:

    Tasty beverage and a big fucking gun. You got me laughing yo!

  • Procannonfodder says:

    I honestly believe that Urijah Faber would win by tko in the second round against Kimbo. No doubt about it.

  • Like War Machine says, you only need laws if you need protecting from bigger, meaner people. LIKE MEEE! GRRRRRR

  • jjdnb says:

    funny how people always try to make the middle east look like some horrible place where you can do anything you feel like. Most middle eastern country’s are either muslim countries or have a large muslim population and in most of the countries alcohol is illegal as is carrying guns around. Do some research before you make stupid comments.

  • MadMan says:

    They say this cat Shaft is a bad mutha…
    -Shut yo’ mouth!

  • fightgeek says:

    …I’m only talkin’ bout Shaft..

  • Asa says:

    If he did research they wouldn’t be stupid comments, now would they?

    logic(jjdnb + openMouth) = ignorant choad stain!

  • JoshMan says:

    Asa, your Algebra makes me l+o+l!

  • kentyman says:

    jjdnb = (ignorant choad stain!)/logic – openMouth

    That factorial in there makes it complicated.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Ooooh put your fuckin handbags away bitches, if jjdnb hasnt realised that this site isnt a home of political correctness by now he never will, but who knows maybe he’ll kill himself to prove how much injustice he feels for the raghead populace…
    Do it JJ you might even get 72 virgins!
    There are certain states in America where you can drive around with a gun on display in you car, in fact its a legal requirement for it to be on display. But I’m not aware of any where you can drink a tasty beeerish beverage at the same time…