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The Low Blow Epside 172: UFC 122 DOA

This week on the Low Blow we talk about what a dog UFC 122 was. From Nick Ship-Check the punching bag to Nate Marquardt being a tentative bitch, we go through all the fights and have some debates on the legitimacy of wall & stall as a tactic. We wonder if the Vemola frate trane can run on American tracks, and I defend Amir Sadollah as the Rudy of the UFC. One hour of 122 talk.


  • glassjawsh says:

    i thought the UFC brought in Hallman/Trigg/Baroni/Petruzelli/Buentello/etc in order to ruin their credibility so they’d be less marketable for strikeforce after they got there ass kicked in the UFC

    ie. evil dana being evil

    edit: don;t mind the hugging

  • Jrichard4457 says:

    Sherdog’s scores

    Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Ludwig (29-28 Osipczak)
    Tomasz Marciniak scores the round 10-9 Ludwig (29-28 Osipczak)
    Guilherme Pinheiro scores the round 10-9 Ludwig (29-28 Ludwig)

    This is mmajunkie’s score scores round 3 10-9 for Ludwig, but it’s not enough to take a victory away from Osipczak by a margin of 29-28

    Bloodelbow’s score scores this bout 29-28 Ludwig

    Pretty much all the other sites are like this too I don’t mean to be annoying but Ryan and jake seem to be the only website who thought it was 30-27 Bang

  • Jrichard4457 says:

    I gave Osipczak round 1 because he hurt Bang with a combination, knoced him down, got mount, and opened up a good sized cut I don’t see how anyone could give Bang the first after that. Also, Jake I 100 percent agree with you on the Amir Sadollah angle I think personally he’s the biggest fluke in MMA he’s also never impressed me I don’t he should be anywhere near a main card and there are more deserving fighters that can be put on there.

  • MAYORofKALI says:

    There was a “cage fight” in the 1975 Charles Bronson movie, Hard Times. Bronson is a street fighter in “no-holds-barred street boxing bouts”

    Any know of earlier references to fights specifically in some sort of cage?

  • agentsmith says:

    Regarding Joe Rogan’s relative honesty on the mic, I don’t think it’s job security so much as him not giving too much of a shit if he loses his job. There’s an interview with him and Helwani in which he talks about exactly that.

  • Jrichard4457 says:

    Yeah I kind of got carried away there I’ll take that insult and the name is just a random username that ebay gave me an example of and it just seemed to stick in my brain don’t know why

  • Redping says:

    wait wtf, which part of round 1 did Duane win? the part where he got knocked down with a punch or the part where he was on his back?

    i love you guys, never change <3

  • agentsmith says:

    Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami:

    Anyone who says Okami is “the last man to beat Silva” is either being disingenuous or they’ve never actually seen the fight. Silva was in the process of dismantling Okami until he DQ’d himself.

  • Tanhauser says:

    Fuck Amir.

    Fuck 90 percent of the guys that come from TUF. They are padding.

  • Redping says:

    DQ’d himself almost immediately after yushin took him down, which is the part of mma that he is good at, whereas anderson is a striker. that, and anderson is the same fighter now as then, just a bit more of a dickface. Okami has far more improved hands, wrestling, and boringness. I could see him doing it through the most boring 5 rounds ever.

    And i like amir’s ‘trying desperately to finish in the last 30 seconds and not managing to again’ because it reminds me of when i’m drunk. but macdonald, matt brown or anyone above the top 20 would probably kick his ass back to poliran or whatever the fuck

  • subo says:


    Why wasn’t I told this?

    Tan: Amir tools Nick Diaz tomorrow.

  • subo says:

    Where are all the people telling Ryan to fuck off for talking shit about Strikeforce? I think for my next piece I’ll just quote him over and over again and see how people react.

  • subo says:

    LOL at “Colombian necktie” – I get that you love cocaine but you’re mixing up your South American countries.

  • Schrute Boxe says:

    I think its because it’s not Ryan’s shtick (and don’t be a baloney you know Diaz would mangle Amir)

    In any case Jake is prob alone on the Amir hate, I don’t seem to recall his sophomore fight against Hendricks was an example of the UFC softballing him one. People watch Amir because he’s an interesting experiment in fighter evolution; it’s not often you get to watch the complete development of a fighter from scratch on the big stage.

  • glassjawsh says:

    @ subo “Tan: Amir tools Nick Diaz tomorrow.” – I swear to God subo, I’m one of the 2 guys on this site that regularly defends you, but fucking christ man…’re becoming that kid from purdue that I would play Halo (edit: ok it was dance dance revolution) with and then pretend i didn’t know at parties

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Amir is getting the same treatment as Brock, he is getting a zuffa push because he is a tuf winner when he should of been fighting on the under cards to build his confidence and find out what he is good at.

    Its not so much that Amir isn’t finishing opponents, he is just trying to get from point A to point B the safest way possible while still ensuring victory. I am surprised both Ryan and Jake completely glossed over the Hendricks and Stun Gun losses. Joe Silva put this kid against 2 undefeated up and comers and he lost both fights in embarrassing fashion.

    The Stun Gun loss probably destroyed his confidence in his bjj and I will give the Hendricks loss a pass since he got hit in the back of the head numerous times and Big Tan Dan was reffing.

    And even though I like the guy, I will just ignore Subo’s comments about Diaz and Mir seeing as he is emotionally invested in both fighters losing and is prone to delusions of destruction for them.

  • Schrute Boxe says:

    Another interesting point about Amir being better than Jake believes: All the guys he beat during TUF 7 were picked up by the UFC afterwards (Matt Brown, Gerald Harris, CB Dollaway). Of all the dudes who have won TUF, Amir may easily have the most impressive record of opponents.

    Hell even, Steve Byrnes, the guy he beat to get into the house had previously fought in the UFC

  • P W says:

    When it comes to Amir, I guess I’m more of a Jake than a Ryan, because I agree he gets more main card fights than his skill and entertainment value warrant. Sure, develop your fighters, but don’t do it on the fucking main card of a PPV. That’s what Fight nights and UFC on Versus are for. Or if he’s brilliant in a dark match it gets shown on the PPV, simple.

    Edit: tune up