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The Low Blow Episode 192: Ding Dong, TUF 13 is gone

On this week’s Low Blow we break down the Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale, slogging through the meh stuff like Chuck O’Niell vs Chris Cope to get to the somewhat juicier Clay Guida vs Anthony Pettis stuff. Why that fight happened, how we saw the result coming a mile away, and what it means for Anthony Pettis are all discussed. We also go through some of the points from the new and old ‘How to Fix the Ultimate Fighter’ posts from the site. 45 minutes of podcasty goodness!


  • agentsmith says:

    Regarding the TUF contracts… according to some google research, the winners from the last few seasons are all making 15+15, though Bader and Sadollah are now up to $20K to show.  So they’re looking at minimum $180K over 6 wins, but there’s apparently a sliding scale in there or something.

    Meanwhile, poor Ross Pearson is still getting only 8+8 for some reason, even though he’s won 3 of his 4 fights since the Season 9 finale, and James Wilks from the same season is getting the usual 15+15.  And 6 x $16K = only $96K, so I’m not sure WTF’s going on there.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I think the million would only work if they had experienced fighters on the show.  The fights would be decent and the exposure would go up as the stakes did.  With the current “Casting” it’d be a fucking waste.

    I can’t believe you guys sat through the entire TUF finale tho.  That shit was awful from start to finish.  Every time I checked in to see if the Main was on I saw something lame as fuck, then – of course- the main was fucking lame too.  You guys are tough.

  • CAP says:

    TUF shitty pay is pretty on par with the talent level.