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The Low Blow Episode 190: The UFC 130 Breakdown

This week on the Low Blow, Derek and I go over a variety of random thoughts before getting into a UFC 130 breakdown. The Jose Aldo non-fight, length of fighter turnover, and the frequency of UFC events all get assessed. The liklihood of Nick Diaz vs Georges St Pierre is discussed, and I wonder if it not happening helps the Anderson / GSP superfight cause. Then it’s on to this weekend’s card, which is surprisingly solid even though it doesn’t really have a main event. All the main card fights plus select Spike and prelim action are discussed, so check it out! 1 hour of UFC 130 goodness!


  • agentsmith says:

    Regarding cutting Nick Diaz from Strikeforce and then immediately hiring him into the UFC, they could get away with that if they were the only guys at the Strikeforce table, but they’re not.  Since Showtime is basically their partner in Strikeforce, I’m sure Showtime could prevent such obvious trickery, or at least sue about it afterwards.  You can’t just screw over your partner in one company you own in order to benefit another company you own.  Or at least not that overtly.

  • subo says:

    Agent – Strikeforce (now owned by Forza, a Zuffa puppet) has a contract with Showtime to produce x number of MMA shows.  Doesn’t say they have to be good.  Doesn’t say that Nick Diaz has to be on them.  I don’t know why we can’t get the damn TEXT of the deal, but if Showtime doesn’t like what Strikeforce is giving them, I’m sure Forza would be happy to let them walk away from their contract, no questions asked.

  • McBayne says:

    Loving the timeliness on the podcasts over the past 3 weeks! Don’t care if you need to resort to a smelly Serb for some, 2x a weeks are great

  • agentsmith says:

    @ subo:

    I’m not sure if Showtime actually owns a piece of Strikeforce, but it definitely seems like a more complex relationship than the UFC has with Spike.  Showtime isn’t just an at-length broadcaster, they apparently have their fingers in deeper than that.

    But regardless, if Zuffa/Forza moves one of SF’s top commodities over to another company/brand (and therefore another broadcaster), I think Showtime could claim that Zuffa has not acted in good faith, and has intentionally reduced the quality of the SF brand.  It’s not set in stone, but there’s an implied quality of product that SF is obligated to deliver.  I’d presume that you can’t strip away major assets of that product and just tell your partners to take a walk if they don’t like it.  And for the same reason, they can’t just poison the well and let SF die.

    Maybe I’m wrong… I’m no lawyerologist, though I did take some contract law in university.  But it seems to me that Zuffa isn’t trying to play ball with Showtime just because they honestly want SF to survive and flourish… they’re at least somewhat obligated to continue more or less “business as usual” until the contract is over.

  • agentsmith says:

    On an unrelated note, why is Rampage holding boltcutters?  Are the guys in a Zuffa forced labour camp and Rampage/BA Baracus is breaking them out, or is it the other way around?  And why is there a crane in the background behind Struve?

  • subo says:

    See, I don’t get that – it’s not like that in any other industry: you buy something, you own it, and you fulfill your minimal contractual obligations that it had when you bought it or you buy your way out of them.  They’re not giving Showtime shit, so I’d go with the minimals.  The crux is the “implied quality of product” – whether that language exists anywhere in the Strikeforce/Showtime deal.

    Otherwise, it may simply be easier to do the Texas show as-is and THEN lop off what you want.

  • agentsmith says:

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be specifically stated in the contract, some things are implied/”reasonable expectations” that don’t need to be spelled out.

    Anyway, I really doubt things would devolve into lawsuits over one fighter, I’m just saying that I don’t think they can get away with an obvious fire/rehire trick like that.

  • iamphoenix says:

    it’s like they all didn’t know what to do with their hands, so they all slowly raised them up and was like…”what do i do with my hands…” and then rampage was like, “I’LL JUST POINT CUZ I’M BLACK AND SCARY”

  • glassjawsh says:

    @ subo – go to, they have almost all of the old ufc’s archived, you’re welcome you dumb bastard

  • glassjawsh says:

    also @ subo – “i think jon fitch finishes marius zoromskis” ……….. …………. …………. ‘
    here’s a list of people jon fitch didn’t finish: kuniyoshi hironaka (later finished by jonathan goulet)

    chris wilson (14-7 career recently lost to keith wisniewski in goddamned valparaiso, indiana),

    akihiro gono (finished by dan hornbuckle and just lost to whatever a Jadamba Narantungalag is)

    ben saunders (finished by mike “food makes me die” swick)

    you’re retarded derek

  • Letibleu says:

    Rampage is holding bolt cutters because his car with cherry in the bush Darius handbags with stylish GUCCI shoes below the homely daughter.

  • iamphoenix says:


  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    They just photoshopped some bolt cutters into his hands?  That’s a new low.

    And Derek, while I agree that Fitch’s skills as an Ultimate Self Defender are quite high, what Ultimate Fighting skills do you see him defeating Zaromskis or Daley with?  Does he have the tactical acumen to implement his Camarillo Belt?

  • Letibleu says:

    ^^^ copycat.

  • iamphoenix says:

    yeah. get some original shit zhangweili stop cramping bleu styles.

  • frickshun says:

    Smith–>the bolt cutters are to cut a hole in the cage b/c he’s too lazy to walk to the door.

    The crane is to lift Nelson in b/c the door isn’t big enough.

    Subotic–>YOUR MIC KEPT CUTTING IN & OUT…..really pissed me off.

    Ryan–>very enjoyable show. Subotic was surprisingly lucid & didn’t say anything inflamatory just to garner page hits.

  • CAP says:

    Saying Diaz beating Daley was no big deal is not very accurate. Daley was a title contender in the UFC up until the sucker punch and doing quite well in the WW division. That’s a noteworthy win in my book. Diaz will bring the fight to GSP, otherwise it’s all rematches at this point unless you throw Condit in there. New WW contenders are emerging though so new challenges are coming eventually.

  • kvelertak says:

    I’ll give you guys 20 bucks for a year if you do two things:

    1. keep the low blow coming out on time every week.
    2. stop letting subo talk on the podcasts.

    I hate his voice and he’s completely clueless.

    It’s like Glen Beck if Glen Beck was a shill for the ufc and nobody knew who he was.

  • Capt.Shank says:

    Thanks i needed this, work is boring as shit right now, and thanks for putting this up on iTunes.