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The Low Blow Episode 178: Best of the Happy Hour 2010

With it being the start of a new year, I decided it might be fun to go back through some 2010 Happy Hours and put together a little recap of some of the more amusing or poignant parts of the show. I was wrong about it being fun – it was horrible and an assload of work. We did over 45 hours worth of shows last year – that’s a lot of listening to do, especially when I only got started on this project on Monday.

Still, it was nice to realize that the shows are entertaining and not shitty, even after a Clockwork Orange style blasting. Plus I now you have just over an hour of interesting, amusing, or simply offensive stuff taken from the Happy Hour archives. Ya know, just to show some non-star members what they’re missing. So check it out and I hope you enjoy it – this week’s Happy Hour will feature a similar show, but based off the best / worst Low Blow moments.