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The Low Blow Episode 177: December Mailbag

This right here is the last Low Blow of 2010, and it’s a doozy at two and a half hours long. We answer over 30 questions regarding Strikeforce’s heavyweight tournament, Cain Velasquez’s title reign, Fedor, Ubereem, and our thoughts about other MMA websites. Anthony Pettis, Dominick Cruz, and Urijah Faber all get brought up, and we talk about the future of FL in 2011. It’s a beer heavy show, so apologies for the slurring and belching in advance.


  • Smitler says:

    Hah…Patsy Kensit. Not South African my friends. Just pretending to be.

  • Lesnar.Dancer says:

    Just in time for the drive home for xmas. thanks boys.

  • glassjawsh says:

    @ jake – remember that time you ripped me for saying that sometimes fights are awesome solely based on their entertainment value alone? you said that for it to be entertaining foe you it had to be awesome AND mean something.

    to be fair you may have been blinded by fedor hate at the time

  • SST says:

    Rashad’s KO face never gets old.

  • Symbul says:

    Japanese porn is the worst.

  • iamphoenix says:


  • subo says:

    You still can’t pronounce my fucking name correctly.

  • fightlinker says:

    I’ve been saying it one way for years now. It’s a testament to how ingrained it already was in my psyche

  • Grappo says:

    The Walking Dead show has been such a fucking disappointment. 1st 2 eps were great and then it went to absolute shit. I read that Frank Darabont canned the writers for the first season, so hopefully things will get better in S2.

  • iamphoenix says:

    goddamn this show takes fucking forever to listen too…I get halfway through and fuck.

    Why can’t I pause or fast forward because this shits like a 5 hour show and I really don’t want to listen to it from the beginning(again) but where I left off at 2am this morning…

  • subo says:

    ^ It’s on iTunes now.

  • Jakey says:

    thank you, dudes – listened to all the way through and it made cleaning up my bombsite of a house for Santa coming bearable.

    Agree with you on Bloody Elbow – it’s the go to site for catching up on shit but man do they try to get prosaic sometimes.

  • iamphoenix says:

    i don’t have itunes!!

  • Fedor.Hadouken says:

    great podcast.

    I think the early 90’s remake of Night of the Living Dead is really well done, and Zombieland was pretty terrible. Who picks up an SUV in the middle of an apocalypse?

  • iamphoenix says:

    “Zombieland was pretty terrible. Who picks up an SUV in the middle of an apocalypse?”

    Someone didn’t get this was a comedy. Who kills Bill Murray in the middle of an apocalypse?

  • Rodriguez says:


    NOTLD remake kicks ass, best zombie movie. Slightly ahead of Day Of The Dead.

    I’m gonna be a teacher, actually.

  • Fedor.Hadouken says:

    I got it was a comedy.. it just wasn’t a very good one.
    The Billy Murray scene felt a little forced.

  • iamphoenix says:

    It’s because you watch The View and find that entertaining. You also like Antiques Roadshow, DIY network and eating “supper” at 4pm and being asleep by 7.

  • glassjawsh says:

    even though i didn;t believe it was possible. I care for tiny.dancer even less

  • Fedor.Hadouken says:

    Srsly. the Zombies were barely even in the movie after the first 20 minutes. It was just another comedy cashing in on zombie fever for douchebags who don’t know any better.

  • glassjawsh says:

    I meant the bill murray hate, he’s the greatest comedian of his generation. I love Zombies though, read world war z or gtfo!

  • subo says:

    I guess I’ll GTFO then. Vampires, zombies, wizards – sorry.

  • iamphoenix says:

    dude i’m not even into fucking zombies.(intercourse with them however is a different story) and i thoroughly, yes thoroughly enjoyed, yes enjoyed this movie. Listen, listen, listen, it has zombiesm yes zombies, comedy and that hot chick. Hot chick! Also that guy in the cowboy hate. I’m not even a fan, not even a fan, of Bill Murray…I think his foray into hipster movies and that one gay movie lost in translation I didn’t bother watching. But this movie was the shit, a good sequel to Shaun of The Dead.

  • MAYORofKALI says:

    Hey Jake… you poke fun at Ryan for his empathy by calling him gay… I thought we stopped using that word in deference to the homosexuals (talked about on the TGA podcast). I used to use that word with relish, then recently stopped at your request. Empathy isn’t out of vogue is it? Are you saying we can use it again, or just at the FL site? Or can we only use it with that gay disclaimer? (oops)

  • iamphoenix says:


  • Futanari Cum Dumpster says: